Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Reflection On The Fifth Grade

Dear viewer,

Soon school is going to end and it will become summer break. Then after summer break I will be in Middle school the next grade. So here is my reflection on this year in fifth grade.
                                                                        Reading Group
I think that the best part about being in fifth grade is that we are treated like we are the age we are not like we are babies. We did a lot this year learning new things and getting very cool things in the class room. I think that Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mrs. Thumm each did a great job making sure that we are were learning. And I really liked the way the guiding reading custom went this year. I liked how in Fast For Word they were on the computers working to get into  a higher group. I was in Fast For Word and then I moved up on to the highest group they have-The Purple Group. For the most part Being in the purple group is fun. We got to move at our own pace. We got to read, blog, and all we did was at our own pace and independent.
So in the beginning of the year we went to a educational place in the rocky mountains called Cal-wood. Cal-wood was a great experience. (although it took a long time back and fourth) I really liked it because of how we had cabins with a group and we stayed there for four days. I liked the food there and the schedule and we had to follow the schedule or we might not go with the group or go hiking with them and we also might miss breakfast. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Cal- wood was really good tasting and also it was also healthy. I think that the first day was great because we brought our own lunch and we went hiking right away. I remember on the last whole day at Cal-wood we went on a really long hike to the very top of an mountain and we got to create our own sandwiches and eat them with fruit. I remember the people who lead us name was Eric and I can't really remember the other persons name. I really had a great time. I really like how instead this year they had the Cal-wood trip 2 weeks before school started so we wouldn't really miss out on our school learning.
                                                                          Great Books
I really liked a lot of books that I got to read during my time at fifth grade. Like the very first book I read in fifth grade was a book called Loser by a author named Jerry Spinelli  I really liked this book because it had a great lead-You grow up with a kid but you never really notice him. He's just there-on the street, the playground, the neighborhood. He's part of the scenery, like the park cars and the green plastic bags on trash day. I really liked the book because through the whole book it was interesting event. I was like just interesting events after interesting events. I loved that book. I was about a boy name Donald Zinkoff and his life that he had but it was a non-fiction book in the book it takes you though hos grades and his best events in his life. One off his teachers had a saying that Z shall go first and since Zinkoff had a Z in his last name he got to be first. In the front of the class and things like that.
                                                                            Idea Paint 
I remember the day before spring break we had tables and they were pretty blank. When we left school that day for week I don't think any body in the whole class of 43 students would expect such a good and useful surprise- Idea paint. Idea paint is a kind of paint that is clear and you can paint it on to different things like tables and walls. That is exactly what Mr. Moore and Ms. Vander Velde planned to do and what they did. The idea paint is really cool because you can use the the table or wall how you usually  would use it with out the idea paint but the cool thing about this paint that is different from other paints is it turn the tables or walls into a white board. It is a really cool thing. I really love this for writing on the table and taking notes for things that I could not type as fast as I write-like taking notes on a video. The only down side on this is you only can use a black color marker because the other colors can stain the table.I think that this is a really cool learning material.
                                                                  Class Parties/ School Events
I thought that all of the class parties or events were are are going to be great. They were really fun and exciting. I really found it fun that we really didn't just learn we had fun with learning and we also did a lot of school events too! My favorite was at night which was called The father daughter winter ball. This event we came to school the girls in the school and did a lot of fun activities. We ate pasta, danced, took photographs and had prizes too.                                                                 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

PitBulls/ My dog

Dear world,

A picture of Penny the second day we had her.
I got a puppy! She is a girl and she is named penny. When we got her on Christmas she was seven weeks old. she was so small. She is a Pit bull mix.

Now in this video (right side) Penny has grown
 so much. The older she gets the more spot
come to be on her. She is a energetic little puppy.
 Day by day play, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, play,
 play, play.  She loves to climb the couch and look                    
 on the other side of it. She barks and that means                  
she would like to go to the other side. Sometimes                
she falls down but when she does a pillow is there
to catch her at the perfect time. Penny is a huge puppy right now she is about 6 months old and about full grown and she love to get wet and she can also
 go down slides without help.

Here is my essay on pit bulls:
Bernadette #42
February 14, 2012
Informative Essay Choice

Face the Facts About Pit Bulls!

What would happen if you got a dog, or even a Pit bull? There are many things to learn about Pit bull, but the three most important things you need to know about pitbulls before you get one is their history, characteristics, and their training.  Did you know the pit bulls official name is Staffordshire Bull terrier? The Pit bull can live up to 14 year thats 98 dog years. Did you know puppies are easier to train when they are little?  In this essay you will learn about all of these things and more than you ever knew about Pit bulls.
Did you know that the Pit Bulls were used in mines when they were first breed? In this paragraph you will learn about the Pit Bull’s History, their breed, life, and where they came from. People in the nineteenth (1900’s) century bred the Pit Bull because they wanted a dog that was small to fit in the mine shafts with the coal miners.They combined a Bulldog with a small local dog. They ended up getting the Staffordshire Bull terrier. (Pit Bull) The Pit bull has been around for a long time they have a special life. The dog was used as a fighting dog and that ended in 1935. But, still people use Pit bulls as fighting dogs. The other names for the Staffordshire Bull terrier are the Pit bull, APBT, Pitty, and Pitt Bull. The dog (Pit bull)  was bred to be a short and fast dog that was first used in mines. Where did the Pit Bull come from? The dog was first bred in England. They were bred in the 1860’s. In england they were used for Bull and Bear baiting. Now you know the history of the Staffordshire Bull terrier.
Did you know that Pit bulls have many different personalities. In this paragraph you will learn about pit bulls personalities and even more like the character traits, jobs, and body structure. There are many different words that can describe a pit bull. Like they are muscular, loyal, clownish, stubborn, affectionate, intelligent, friendly, and obedient. The pit bull can grow up to 17 - 22 inches tall and 30 - 65 pounds in weight. The pit bull can live 12 - 14 years if well taken care of. The pit bull does many different jobs some good and some just cruel. When people used Pit bulls wrongly the use them as illegal fighting dogs. The pit bulls were also used incompetition, as police dogs, or therapy dogs. They can also be used for herding sheep, protecting people or livestock. Now lets talk about the body structure of the pitbull. The coat of the pit bull can be many colors, in fact they can be almost any color. The pit bull is a medium sized dog and has a scissor like bite. This breed is short haired, with small short ears. In this paragraph you have learned about the pit bull’s characteristics.
There are many different things to teach pit bull. Including how to teach them not to bite, to housebreak them, and teach them other tricks. There are many ways to solve the biting problem for pit bulls. One of the things that you can try is to get a cold butter stick, and then you rub it on the back of your hand and let them lick it. Another thing you can try, is every time your dog bites you, you press the roof of their mouth with your thumb. The last thing you can try is you can get a spray bottle and spray your dog every time they bite you and when they stop biting you give them their favorite treat. To housebreak a puppy is simple. When your dog is showing signs of going to the bathroom you take them outside. (They will sniff around and look like they are trying to find something.) Take them to a spot that you would like them to go bathroom. Once they have used the bathroom say “Good job!” give them a treat and take them inside. There are many different tricks that you can show you puppy that will help, or will just give your dog a trick that they can do on command, like sitting, staying, shaking, or do many other things. The first step to training a puppy is to get the puppy to get some treats and to get your self to a quiet room that doesn't have any distractions. Then what you want to do is move their body to the trick you want them to do then you do then you say the command or a hand gesture you want (or you can add both), when their body is in that position you say or do the command give them a treat. When they have done that things on their own keep giving them treat when they do it.  In this paragraph you have learned about how to train your Pit bull.
In this essay you have learned about Pit bulls. You have learned about Pit Bulls Origin/History, their characteristics, and how to train them. In this paragraph you have learned about Pit bulls and what they act like and how they behave. What would you do if you had a Pit bull puppy or a Pit bull? What would you train them and what would they do when you train them? If you got a Pit bull what would you name it and color would he/she be? Would you want a Pit bull or what other dog would you get. Do you already have a Pit bull, dog, or another animal? 


Rocking Star Blogger

Dear people,

So I wanted to mention one of my best friends and she is also a great friend. Who I have know since I was in kindergarten. She is a little older than me and she is very smart and likes to blog. She hasn't done much blogging this summer but she is a great blogger. Her blog Rocking star Blogger.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear world,

So I have decided that I will not post more about flush. Because I don't think I have enough time to do it. But if you were interested in my posts about it you should try to read the book some time. Or you could read another book of Carl Hiaasen's. I hoped you enjoyed. I might make summaries like how I did for Flush starting in the end of school- the 27 of May, 2013.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Food and Nutrition: The food plate/ Reading Nutrition Labels

Dear viewers,

So this blog post is going to tell you about about what I learned about the food plate and reading nutrition labels. Hope you enjoy and learn more than you know now. You can go to this link to choosemyplate.gov to find out  more.

The Food Plate
So on the food plate you should have a varieties of fruits. They can be canned, fresh, frozen, dried. And you should not have a lot of fruit juices and added sweeteners and no fiber. You should also have plenty of vegetable and mostly of the ones that are green and orange. Grains are  things like bread, cereal, rice, crackers, and pasta. Meat and beans are another was that you can protein. When you get meat get some that is lean or has little or no fat at all. Baking, broiling, and grilling are better choices on preparing meat. Other proteins are fish, peas, beans, seeds, and nuts. Dairy is a snack or drink that has minerals in it. When you choose these you choose them that have a little or no fat.You, your body need enough calories to work and move and stay active. Another way of staying healthy is to exercise.

I will post more later.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

39 Clues: Maze Of Bones: Chapter 3

Hello world, 

The book has gotten more interesting since my last post and since then then challenge that Mr.Moore put up was a little more difficult. I think that the farther and farther we move into the book the more and more we are going to have to think. 

So the last time Amy and Dan had a choice. Either to take one million dollars or get one clue of 39 that could make them the most powerful person in the world. William gave everyone in that room about 40 out of the 400 people 5 minutes to think and talk to their families. Amy and Dan had a short time limit and two things that they really wanted. Dan wanted the million dollars because he could have a lot of baseball cards because he trades those. And Amy didn't really know what she wanted. Then there cousins Natalie and Ian. They are twins and are very annoying. They were saying that Dan and Amy were going to take the money because they were poor. And that they weren't going to take the challenge because they were going to fail at the challenge. So Dan and Amy knew that Grace would want them to take the challenge and they wanted to prove Natalie and Ian wrong!

My Perfect Healthy Meal

Bernadette Weigang-#42
May 7, 2013

What do you eat for meals and snacks? Is what you eat everyday healthy for you? Well what you think is a good snack would probably not be the best snack for your body. My idea of the perfect healthy meal is to eat things that are healthy for your body and delicious to yourself also. But if I know it is healthy for you and you don’t like it you should try to eat it with a sauce or a dip. So I am going to explain to you what are the correct choices to choose are. And I am going to tell you about the last meal of the day -Dinner. This dinner is a healthy meal to make and it is easy too. My healthy meal that I am going to tell you about is  So I am going to tell you about healthy meal that taste amazingly delicious -spaghetti with meatballs. 
First the spaghetti would have to be made with whole wheat pasta. The most important part about making the meatballs is to use lean ground beef. Overall all we need for this meal is the tomato sauce. For the tomato sauce you should use tomatoes. For flavor for the sauce it should have only salt and pepper. For a healthy and delicious meal we are going to make broccoli with melted cheese. drink that is your choice should not have any added sugar. Like a good choice would be milk. But do not get “whole milk” instead you should get a milk that doesn’t have a lot  of fat like 2% or 1% milk.
For dessert there is some  things that are healthy for you like a strawberry dessert. This strawberry dessert is amazing. This is a delicious dessert and it is more healthy compared to other desserts. So in this dessert there is three things. You need to wash, dry, and chop some strawberries. Then you need a cup of whipping cream and you need two tablespoons of sugar. If this is correctly mixed it will be about a pinkish color.
A great indicator of a healthy meal is variety of colors. So this meal is great because it has many varieties of colors. First the colors the spaghetti has is red and orange - brownish and lastly it has the color brown. The side dish, broccoli with cheese has the colors green- dark and light and yellow. Okay we also have the drink which is white. Lastly we have the dessert which when mixed in correctly is about a pinkish color. Here is a website that I used to see what to eat and if it is healthy for us. This dinner with everything I explained is about 527 calories. When you are 9 - 13 you should eat about 1600 calories if you are a girl. That is about 530 calories per meal. If you are 9 - 13 years old and a boy you should eat about 1800 calories. That is about 600 calories per meal. Here is this assignment blog post. On this website you can track how many calories eat meal you eat has.