Thursday, December 20, 2012

Science: Circulatory System (Cardiovascular system)

Dear world,

I am doing a project for school.  I am going to tell you the cycle of the blood through the Circulatory system.

These are the components of blood.
The Circulatory System are made up of three things the Heart, blood vessels, and blood. The heart is the most important thing in the Cardiovascular System. The heart pumps blood through the body it is the strongest muscle and it never gets tired. All cells in the body are made in bone marrow. All red blood cellswhite blood cells, and platelets are made in bone marrow. The differences from veins, arteries, and capillaries are simple.  Arteries carry red blood away from the heart and they are big in size. Capillaries are where arteries and veins are connected together, are middle sized. Vein are the blood vessels that lead blood back to the heart. All capillaries, arteries, and veins are the same because they all go through the body, all blood vessels, and they all pump blood through the body. Bone marrow is important because it is where blood cells are made. Blood is made up of four substances white blood cells, red blood cell, plasma, and platelets.  The white blood cells fight disease so we won't get sick, about 100 thousand of them in one drop of blood. A red blood cell is a blood cell's job is to transport oxygen there are about 50 million red blood cell in a drop of blood. Platelets are the things in you blood that make your blood clot or dry out it is what make scabs,  the are about 2.5 million platelets in a drop of blood. Plasma is the last thing that makes up blood, Plasma is made of 90% water, remain 10% is minerals, sugars, proteins, plasma is what makes blood liquid and flowing. The pulmonary artery is where the blood goes to to get carbon dioxide to after it trip around the body. In the path of the circulatory system through the right side of the heart the blood that that needs more oxygen (blue blood) can go through the superior vena cava or trough the inferior vena cava. After the blood goes in one of those way it gets into a entrance in the heart called the right atrium. After it get in there it wait till it is full of blood than it goes through a valve that pushes the blood in to the next thing. The next step is the blood goes into the right ventricle and up through the Pulmonary Artery to do the same over and over again. Now lets talk about the right side of the heart.  When the blood comes from the lungs the first thing that happens is the blood comes through the pulmonary arteries into the the left atrium. After the blood goes into the left atrium it goes through the valve and into the ventricle. The blood goes through the aorta and goes to transport the rest of the blood through the body. The heart beats about 60-100 times per minute. About 2 million blood cells die every day. The heart pumps 5 to 6 thousand quarts of blood a day. There are four types of blood A, B, AB,O. When blood is oxygen rich the blood is a bright red. When the blood doesn't have any oxygen at all it is a blue color. Red blood cell actually have no nucleus at all. Cardio means- heart and Vascular mean vessel.
This is where the blood goes through out your body.
This bone marrow cut away veiw.
This is the path the blood goes through the heart.
This is the way blood goes through your body

Flush: The big "bad" bully

Hello world,
This is a idea of what I think what happening to Noah.
It is summertime and no school for Noah and his sister Abbey. Abbey is Noah's little sister, she has a biting problem. In the story There is this bully named Jasper Jr. and Noah says that if you are a boy and your parent name you Jasper that is enough to get any one mad. The story tells how Jasper looks like he has a huge walnut head, lumps and crinkles on his scalp, and he had a buzz cut. 

I think that it was funny that his head is like a walnut shape. I think that soon Noah is going to stand up to him, or just get him even more mad. I like how the author uses lots of details.  I don't know what happened to Jasper's head but I think his dad, Dusty might of shaved his head. Again I think that the characters are cool. A boy that is named Jasper? In this blog that Charles had made is awesome post overall.
This is a walnut the shape of Jasper's head.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Touching Spirit Bear: swimming in the cold

Dear world,
As you can see the water in this picture is gray/ blue and it looks really cold.
Cole is at the island for circle justice. He has just decided to burn down his shelter, it is turning dark. Cole is thinking that no one accept his dad knew he was a strong swimmer. He had decided to swim from island to island until he got to the states.

I had thought that it was not such a great idea to swim out of the island and of course it was not a good idea to burn down his shelter. I think that since this story takes place in Alaska he will freeze to death. According to the chart below you can see how cold the water can get at different  time of the year.

Average ocean temperature in °F

Flush: My dad is in jail

Dear world,
This is a picture of hand cuffs.
The main character Noah, went to the jail to visit his dad on fathers day. Noah is worried about his dad, when he saw his dad he saw him in regular clothes and wearing no hand cuffs. He was talking to his father. I found out that he was in jail for sinking Dusty Muleman's casino boat. Noah asked his dad that he could just say he was sorry for sinking the Coral Queen and it all could be over. His dad said That he wasn't sorry for nothing.

A sinking casino boat.
I think that is wasn't that great of a idea for Noah's dad sinking Dusty Muleman's  Boat. But it was sorta                    a good idea because  Dusty was dumping the sewage from the boat into the ocean. I think that Noah's dad is a smart guy if he was able to sink a casino boat! I think that you have to be a intelligent person is you know how to sink a boat in the first place, but a casino boat you got to e smart to sink one of them.                                                                
I had read the post to Anthony's  blog and noticed that he had wrote about Noah's dad and how he sunk the Coral Queen. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Charles book

Dear viewers,
I have a friend named Charles or Gold dragon books. He is working on a story called Minervian Adventures I believe that soon he'll be famous. He is planing to make a whole series for a link to his story click here.

Flush by: Carl Hiaasen

Dear world,

I am starting the book Flush. I will do the same thing that I do with every book, summery and critique.  Lets begin!!!

The main charter in the story is named Noah. There is a casino boat in the story, that name is Coral Queen. Well the casino boats owner is a guy named Dusty Muleman. That Dusty is doing something illegal, he is dumping the sewage from the Coral Queen into the ocean!

I personally don't like Dusty Muleman in the story. All though I like the character that the Carl Hiaasen creates. The story takes place in Florida. I think that this is so far a great book and that Carl is a great writer. I like how he has lots of details and great. In this post that Charles had made he had a excellent beginning.

Friday, December 14, 2012

How to make butter cream (for the vanilla cake)

Dear Bakers,

So I am going to teach you how to make butter cream for the vanilla cake.
Butter cream

What you are going to need:
- 1/2 cup butter
- 3 cups powdered sugar (confectioners sugar)
- 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
- 4 tablespoons milk

- A bowl
- mixing spoon (spoon can work)
- mixer

The first step is to add the butter and mix until light and fluffy. Once you mix the butter add about more than half of the powdered sugar and mix. Mix until until butter is like crumbs in the batter. Slowly add 1 tablespoon at a time of milk. Add vanilla extract and mix. Add the rest of the powdered sugar and mix until how you like it. Add extra milk if you want it to be thinner. If you want it thinker just add a little more powdered sugar.

This can give you a idea of what it should look like.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Make Vanilla Cake ( from scratch)

Dear bakers,

If you didn't know I am a great baker and I want to share with you some easy to make, step by step recipes for delicious food. Today I am going to be telling you how to make a simple Vanilla Cake. If you would like to see a video for this cake recipe on YouTube click here. There are some things in this recipe I changed from the video because it is easy in my opinion.

Ingredients you will need:
- 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour ( a little extra for the pan)
- 3 teaspoons baking powder
- 1 cup of granulated sugar
- 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
- 1/2 cup butter (cut into small pieces)
- 1 cup milk
- 1 teaspoon vanilla
- 2 eggs
- about 2 tablespoons of shortening

Tools you will need:
- a couple paper towel sheets
- a electric mixer
- spatula
- measuring cups of all sizes
- two 9 in pans
- mixing bowl
- a tooth pick
- Cooling rack
- butter knife
- oven glove

   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit ( 176.666667 degrees Celsius). So the first step is to add all of the dry ingredients flour, baking powder, and salt. Slowly add  butter in the mixture. To tell if butter is completely mixed in it should be crumbs in the flour mixture. Add the milk in slowly while mixing. Add the vanilla and eggs in the bowl and mix til you can not see any lumps in the mixture. Take a piece of the paper towel and fold it a couple of times until it is easy to hold in your hand. Dip the towel in about half the shorting and rub it all over one of the pans (side and bottom completely covered). Do the same for the second pan. Once you get the shorting on, grab about a tablespoon or two of flour and put it in each of the pans. Turn, twist. and tap the pan til you can see a thin layer of flour. Take the two 9 inch pans and pour half the batter in one pan and half it in the other pan. Once the oven is preheated put both pans in for about 30-35 minutes.     ( to tell if it is ready you can also grab a tooth pick and put it in the center of the cake when it is in the oven and if it come out clean with no crumbs if it doesn't it is not ready yet.) When cake it ready you can take it out of the oven (using oven glove) and circle around the pan with a knife then flip over.  Knock the pans until cake come out. Then put on a cooling rack. ENJOY!!

If you would want to know how to make a filling for this cake it would be in a day shortly.
Click here to see the recipe for frosting.

To give you an idea of a vanilla cake.

Elijah of Buxton (What I think)

Dear viewers,

I think that this book is a great book. I like this book because it has the perfect amount of description. Like this sentence "I learnt a long time ago that when you smelling something real good, you only get two  or three first-place smells of it afore your nose won't take no more notice." I also like how they use the words how they say them. Like how they use the word learnt to mean learn, the word afore for the word before,  and they use the word 'Lijah for Elijah. I think that this is over all a great book.

This is a picture where you decide if it is a good smell or bad.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Touching Spirit Bear 6

Dear people of the word,

  Cole is at the circle justice island with Garvey and Edwin. Before Garvey and Edwin leave Edwin spoke "Patience, gentleness, strength, and honesty, Animals can teach us more about our selves than any teacher." He had just watched as Garvey and Edwin. Cole had decided to burn the shelter that Garvey had built with every thing he need to survive including the food.

I think that Cole is not getting what Edwin told him. I think that all he thinks is I am going to kill every thing I don't think that Cole respects him self. I think that he is probably not going to improve. Or this circle justice is going to make him feel better about him self and not respect others.

It imaginable that I think that this is the kind of shelter that Garvey made for Cole to survive.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Touching Spirit bear 5

Dear people of the world,

Cole is at the circle justice meeting and he got mad and yelled out from his seat. "I don't even think that he remembers when my birthday is!" At the end of the meeting Garvey was talking to Cole when Cole's father passed by "Yes Mr. Matthews this is about responsibility. When is your sons birthday." Cole's dad gulped and didn't answer.

I think that it is a great responsibly to remember your own sons birthday. I think that Cole's father is not even a father to Cole. I think that it is just sad that Cole doesn't even think of his dad as a father. And worse I think it is bad that Cole's dad dosen't probably think of Cole as a son. All I think that his  dad has done for him is show up for the circle justice meeting.

I think that all of these are what Cole's father is lacking. 

Types of Galaxies

Dear viewers,

Here is a link to my note catcher for this assignment.

      I have learn a lot of things from this unit about galaxies. I especially like the brain pop video about Galaxies and about the milky way and discovery education activity. I learned that galaxies are huge group of stars and there are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe. I learned that the Milky Way Galaxy was a spiral galaxy. And there are three different galaxies. A Irregular Galaxy which has a undefined shape and are mostly made up of lots of gas and dust and little stars. And a Irregular Galaxy is a Galaxy that can not be a Spiral or Elliptical Galaxy. If the Earth were in A Elliptical Galaxy I would be bright day and night non- stop. There are also Spiral Galaxies which are shaped like disk they have some dust and gas but not a lot, and they have middle aged stars. The final galaxy that I learned about is A Elliptical Galaxy, which is shaped like a sphere or a circle they have a little gas and dust (not much), they contain old stars. I also learned that galaxies can contain 10 million to 30 trillion stars. It takes about 200 billion light years for our sun to rotate around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy once. The oldest stars in the Milky Way galaxy are located in the center. I would take about 100,100 light years to travel from one side of the Milky Way to the other side. The arms of Spiral Galaxies are where the stars are forming. There are four major arms in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Solar system is located on the Orion arm. From the Earth The Milky Way is a hazy color. Astronomers believe that there is a black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per hour.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Touching Spirit Bear 4

Dear people of the world,

  The keeper had announced that she had a feather and the feather gave you the right to talk. The people in the circle passed around the feather and soon it got to Cole, Cole knew the next words that he said needed to be good. "Uh I'm Cole Matthews," Cole began,"and I'm here because I really screwed up, I know what I did wrong, and I want Peter I am sorry for everything." Cole sniffled and rubbed his nose for a effect. " I want to ask this circle to help me get over my anger."
  I didn't by in the book when Cole said what he was there for. And I personally think that nobody in the circle bought it either, especially Peter. I think that what he said was also cheap to say. I don't think even the keeper thought he actually meant that, and she barley knows who he is. I think that the feather that the keeper had was a white or a black feather.

Science: Constellations

To see my vocabulary recourse click here.
Where to find the vocabulary.


Have you ever wondered about the stars in the night sky that form pictures and shapes? If you have this is the place you might want to find out about them and what they are called. Star in the sky can be together in groups called constellations,  they appear as patterns in the sky. People a long time ago used constellations to follow, the north star is one of the examples of a star they followed. Some constellations look like humans and other living creatures, others look like non-living creatures. There are a total of 88 constellations in the night sky. As the earth rotates different constellations are visible. Astronomers can tell what time of the year it is by looking at constellations they see. Now you know some information about constellations.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chores: Elijah of Buxton

Dear viewers,

I read that when Elijah does his chores in the barn he does it in a ordinary fashion. He does first with the job he is not so pleased with then he does the jobs he enjoys doing. The first thing that he does is he cleans the stalls, shoveling manure and taking it to the fertilizer pile, and watering the animals. The second part of his chores, the relaxing part he brushes the animals and tends their hoofs. Elijah's favorite  part of the jobs is making the animals comfortable and keeping horse flies off of them. He uses the horse flies to go fishing with them. I think that book is a great and interesting book. I like how the author includes lots of details to get to know Elijah better and what he likes.

This is a close up picture of a horse fly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Touching Spirit bear 3

Dear viewers,

Cole is going to a meeting about him and who ever wants to come to help Cole can come. A person that calls her self the keeper ( the person in charge of the meeting) stands in the middle of the circle of chairs. She announces " Our goal is to return wellness, not only to Peter Driscal, but also to Cole Matthews and our community.

I really like the story Touching Spirit Bear and I like what the keeper said. I really like how the author includes lots of details to get to know how Cole is and who Peter is. I think that that Cole is feeling so good with so many people showing up to the meeting to him. I think that right now in the book, Cole is feeling that so many people actually care about him. And another thing that I think Cole might be thinking is since the way he acts is so many people came but none of these people care about me.

This is a picture of what is happening in the story and the person in the middle is the keeper.

Touching Spirit Bear 2

Dear viewers,

Cole was dropped off at the island for Circle Justice. He had a flash back about talking to Garvey, he said " Why does every thing have to be in a circle?" Garvey answered "because life is a  circle isn't it?"

I think that Cole is not doing that well. I think that he thinks that he can do every thing and that everyone and every thing is afraid of him. I think this because he is acting all tough and things that he is stronger than any one else. He thinks that if someone is in his way he can knock them down. I think after circle justice he is going to have some sense knocked in to him. I  think that Cole has none of the bellow.
This is similar to what Garvey was talking about.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Touching Spirit Bear 1

Dear viewers,
I have been reading the book Touching Spirit Bear and Cole is the main character, Garvey is someone that tries to help Cole ( much older and wiser than Cole). I am going to tell you about the book:

  Garvey brings ingredients salt, flour, eggs, baking soda, a bottle of water, sugar, butter, and molasses. Garvey made Cole taste all of the ingredients alone, by them self and Cole wanted to show nothing scares him so he wolfed down all in ingredients. Then Garvey gave Cole a slice of cake and told him to eat it.
    I think that this is a good book and I agree with Ian on how the flash backs in the book are ANNOYING. I think that it was a shame that Cole did not get the thing Garvey was trying to teach him. I know what Garvey was trying to teach him. He was trying to teach him when people work together they work better than when they are alone. I think that he wanted to teach Cole that he needs to work with others. like what he says to Cole "life is a Circle."

These are the ingredients for cake. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elijah of Buxton

Dear viewers,
I personally think that this is a great book. I like this book because I has lots of details and to book has words how the people of Buxton says it. I like how the Elijah's mom is scared of toady-frogs and Elijah is scared of snakes. But he is mostly scared of hoop snakes. In the story a escaped slave let a hoop snake loose and the preacher can tell it is mating season.

this is a hoop snake.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Black pearl

Dear viewers,

Now I am thinking that the pearl that Ramon found was actually black. I did some research and I found some things about black pearls. I also found out what makes black pearls black. I think that this book is a great book, but there are lots of questions. But I also don't think that this book is not that great because I can't understand that much.

This is one of the pictures I found out of many.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Black Pearl

Dear visitors,

I think that the book is starting to get a little boring but I still think that it is a good book. In the beginning the lead was great but as it goes on all it is talking about is pearls. I think that I is cool that they go diving without scuba gear. And I did some research and found this site, and this one about what pearl diving is. I read that in the pearling business people can hold their breath for two minutes each time they dive. So... I did some research and I found out that that on a website a human being can hold their breath under water for up to 11 minutes.  I think that this is a interesting fact and I started to wonder what the world record is, I found out that it was 22 minutes and 22 seconds held by  a person named Tom Sietas.

I found this picture of a pearl diver.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The black pearl (post # 4)

Dear people of the world,

I would like to tell you that when I read somethings and I thought that they are really interesting. But I also have some questions. Like in the book it said that they don't have scuba gear they just have a rope to pull when they need to get to the surface. Why don't they use scuba gear? I also have another question about the pearl Ramon found. Is the pearl he found actually black? I hope to hear from you.

This is a picture of the different types of scuba gear.


Monday, November 12, 2012

The Black Pearl

Dear readers,

As you know I have been reading the book the book The Black Pearl. And I read and I read that Ramon had wanted to go diving for pearls and then when he was a bout to the person that was on the boat with them was bragging about how he got a really good pearl. When Ramon goes in he finds a huge pearl and the person that bragged a bout the big pearl was jealous of him. When I heard this I thought and realized this sometimes people try to show off and says that he/she is better than every one else then that people gets humiliated. And I have a question about who is Manto Diablo? And why is he so important in the village?
This is a picture of a pearl.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Second day on The black Pearl

Dear viewers,

I am on the second day on reading this book and so far and I am really enjoying it. I read that Ramon's dad is teaching him how to be in the pearl business. And then Ramon brought up that his dad promised that he would take him pearl diving when he is sixteen and he was sixteen. I thought that how was he going to get prepared to go pearl diving. And I was also thinking when was his dad going to take him pearl diving. I want to find out what will happen next. But, now I am really enjoying this book so far.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Starting the book: The Black Pearl

 I am starting reading the book The Black Pearl.  And all I I am going to do is make critiques. And so far this is what I think:

In my opinion I think when Ramon Salazar said that there were thousands of people who had heard Manto Diablo there were only two that actually seen him I thought and I found out that only 1 out of a thousand people have seen him. And I read there was only one that had seen him still alive. I was curious who was the person  that had seen Manto Diablo and who was he. That was when I found out who had seen him. I was the narrator Ramon Salazar. I was excited to read more because I wanted to know what was going to happen. I only read four pages on this book and I already got into it I really like this book!

Poetry Quest job #4

I read two poems for Poetry Quest #4 and I found two poems and their both about a monster under  
peoples bed. The first poem I am going to talk about is called Hey, Ma, Somethings Under My Bed.
And this one is similar to the other poem called Under My Bed because it describes how the girl think that the monster looks. And they are also similar because the people in the poems describe what they are going to do the monster that is in their room. These poems are different because the poet described what the main characters are going to do to the monster and each poems have different ideas how their going to react to the monster. In the poem Hey, Ma, Somethings under my bed the character says she is going to beat the monster by shooting the canon balls at the monster, tried to vacuum up the monster, and she also tried to make killer bees sting the monster. And on the poem Under My Bed the poet tried to make the girl scared of the monster under the bed by screaming and trying to shut her eyes.


Monday, November 5, 2012

What we can change our group

Dear viewers,

I really like how we are doing this activity so far. I have idea about a couple of things that we can change as a group. The first thing I think we can change is each group should be in a bunch together instead of being scattered all over the room, so if any people in the group need to talk with each other about the book they can talk with each other. The other thing we can change is Mr. Moore can have mini confreres with each one of us so he can tell if we read or if we were behind on the book.    I also thing that  we should make a limit about how many sentences our summary's should be, so we can make longer critiques and be more focused on what we think about what we have read.  And the finial thing we can change as a team is we can be in groups of two so it would be easier for us to commit on each others work and finish making blog post.


Poetry Quest #5

    I finished my job on Poetry Quest #5. I found the top tree poems that I liked. I found the book at my school Library. And the book is called My Dog May Be Genius.

I chose my favorite poem and here is.

I Do Not Like November
I do not like November.
November is not fun.
I do not mind the other months,
But I truly dread this one.

It is the month we celebrate
Thanksgiving in our land.
Alas, I am a turkey-
perhaps you understand.

I chose this poem because it is November. I like this poem because I like turkeys. And I feel bad if I were a turkey and I got eaten, but I would still be delicious. I found the Poetic Elements the author of this poem used repetition, personification, lines, and stanzas.

Here is a poem I thought was a great poem
I thought I saw
I thought I saw a BBBBBBBBBBB
dive into the CCCCCCC.
Could I believe my own II?
I'm not sure, I'm not YY.

I chose this poem because because instead of using words the poet used letters that are like homophones to each other like Bee and B are homophones to each other. And another example that the poet used is Sea is a homophone the the letter C. The poetic elements that the poet used is lines, stanza, repetition, and the last is hyperbole.

I found another poem that I like but it was the third most favorite poem in this book.

I Peered in the Mirror
I peered in the mirror,
the mirror fell down.
I glanced at my shadow,
it sped out of town.

I watched my reflection
swim off to sea-
there's something peculiar
today about me.

I chose this poem for two reasons, the first reason is because it is just funny and I like things that are funny and that can't happen in real life. And the second reason is it is just I poem that I really like the part I like the most about this poem is where it says that the reflection swam off to sea. The poetic elements are lines, stanzas, personification, and finally hyperbole.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Job #6

For job #6 in poetry quest I chose a poem and I chose it because it is catchy and it was easy to memorize. And another reason is because it rhymes and is short and I am not going to spend a lot of my time just saying this poem in my mind. And the finial reason is  I wanted something in the scary setting.

Scare Me Easy
Scare me easy
Scare me slow
Scare me gentle
Don't let go
                    my hand.

by anonymous

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just me (Peak)

Dear visitors,

Peak is now on the road with one driver, Zopa, Sun-jo, and of course himself. Zopa sent Sun-jo and Peak to walk with the car because he said it was to full in the car (not exactly with the car more like behind the car). And they each had to wear a full pack which is a back pack meant for hiking. Peak knew the reason for this is because he needs to practice doing this for the climb to the summit of Everest and Sun-jo to keep him company. They went through the night and meet up with the guys in the morning. They did the same for another day.

This is a full pack or a hiking pack.
I think that it was really unfair that Zopa told Sun-jo who is not going to climb Everest to walk with Peak who is going to climb. But I think that it is fair to Peak to walk because he is actually going to climb and he has to practice. I also think that it is fair to Peak because he has company instead of going walking by himself.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Poetic Elements

I made this presentation fro the Poetry Quest.
 Please click here if you want to watch the Presentation.

Job #1 Poetry Quest

Serious Poem

I found this poem and I drew a picture of the poem.

Humorous Poem

I found this poem on giggle poetry website and
I thought it would be great because this is exactly
the opposite what I have done in school.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

leave stuff and what?

When we left off Zopa made three piles of gear. After Peak had gotten his stuff together Peak, Sun-jo and Zopa. They left off in a truck packed with what seemed like thousands of things. And that day they were off trading for the whole day,  trading the things that Peaks dad had bought him. And Peak thought that the gear had belonged to people how had died on the way to the summit of Mount. Everest. He thought this because the gear was all bandaged up.

I agree with Peak if someone I hardly knew bought and traded things with my money and the new gear that my father had bought I would kinda think that he was first of all crazy and second of all not that good of a trader. If I were Peak I would not think of him as "the smart one" I would personally call sun-jo the "smart one.
A pile of hiking gear.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poetry Quest #2

We had been given the assignment called Poetry Quest. I have chosen a poet named Emily Dickinson and had also chosen four poems "Nature" Is What We See , A Bird Came Down, "Why do I Love" You. Sir  and another poem called A Book.

Emily Dickinson is born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830. She was prolific private poet and her first 1800 poems were created in her life. When she died in 1886 her younger sister found all of her poems. And all of her poems were published by  Thomas Wentworth Higginson in 1890 four years after she had passed. 

All of the poems by Emily Dickinson are the simaliar because they played  a movie in my mind and they are also the same because she expressed her own feeling in her own thoughts and words. I noticed that she really likes nature because in every poem she has at least one thing about nature and things that she is interested in.

The things that are different about these poems. First they are about different poems and in each poem she talks bout why she likes it and why it is important to her. And in every different poem she has like a thought that she has about that subject.

My favorite poem out of all these poems is A Bird Came Down. I like this poem because of this verse                 "He glanced with rapid eyes." And I like this verse because it is how the bird looked at the poet.


Bare Bear poem

Bare Bare
Bare bear is like super man,
So strong he can carry two tons with his pinky,
So heroic he can save a million people in a split second.

Bare Bear is a piece of blank paper,
Hes so plain he can beat a paper at being plain,
He can't even paint or color on him self,
He just turns back plain old bear.  

Hes a race car,
As fast as a cheetah,
Maybe faster than one.
Hes motorized like a car,
Nothing runs, drives, paddles, or flies faster.

Hes a dictionary,
He knows every tiny thingy thing,
Never answers the non-sense questions,
And is always on task all the time.

Hes a bulldozer,
He knocks down ever thing in his path,
Doesn't care if crashes into something not Bare Bears fault, 
Boom, Smash Crash its knock down in a flash.
Likeity split.

She is just a boy,
 A tom boy to be exact with you,
Just a normal bear that lives in a normal woods,
With normal talents,
Just your average bear.


Dear people of the world,

Peak and Sun-jo went back to the hotel and Zopa met them. When Zopa was in the hotel room sorted the clothes and gear into three different piles. One with the gear and things that don't fit him. One with the clothes that Peak wouldn't need that they would trade. And the other with the things that fit and that he would need.

I think that Peak was mad that he would have to trade the clothes and other items that has dad bought to go to waste even though they were expensive. And I would also think that this would not turn out good or even bad. I would think it would go terrible now that I was with Zopa. And by the way I think that the name Zopa is a cool and fancy name.

Time to leave

Dear viewers,

    Peak and Sun-jo ate lunch and were on their way to a temple where Zopa was waiting for them. They were on their way on a motel cycle. When they got to the temple they waited for Zopa there. They were not allowed to wear there shoes in the temple. Then Zopa and Sun-jo talked and Zopa said to take a taxi back to the hotel. Peak and Sun-jo spent ten minutes trying to catch the Taxi.

  I really feel like Zopa is like the boss of Sun-jo and Peak even though he doesn't talk that much to them. If I were Sun-jo I would be worried to what would happen to my bike. I think that Sun-jo and Peak went to the temple for nothing. And I also think there is not really a reason to go to the temple when Zopa could have went to them. Because he has lots of money and it would spend a lot less money too.

Job # 7

The Perfect Poem #1
The perfect Poem,
What should it be called,
What should it be about,
Where should it take place,
More importantly should I make it.

Why do I want to make a poem,
A simple poem,
challenging poem,
No the perfect Poem.

A got it,
I have been making it
the perfect poem,
for the perfect girl
Here I am
And here it is.

I Wish
I wished for many things,
Many things that might come true,
I want to grow up tall and strong,
With no worries at all.

Just me a dog and my family,
I want to have fun but learn lots,
I wish to be successful,
And I want to be well educated.

All I wish is simple things,
Easy to fall fill,
Only if I stay in school,
And learn.

Poems are Great #3
A poem
is not just words on a
paper its more than that.

Its a piece of mind,
your thought,
your feelings,
your opinion,
doesn't matter what other people think.

Poems are:
Fun to write,
and they are,

Frogs are in the Air #3
Frog are in the air
There jumping everywhere
Theres one in my hair
And one in the bed.

My brother
Started all of this non-sense
When at school
He decided to buy something cool
But it just ended up to be cruel.

I tried to stop he
I tried so hard
but he didn't listen
And now he is
far away from me.

The style for this poem is free verse.
Dreaming #4
I went to sleep in my house,
and now I live in a castle,
I have a wealthy family,
 And a pet dragon.

And I seem to be trapped,
In this fairy tail,
Without knowing the way back home.

I am not very sure,
If this is real or if it is fantasy,
Is is it a fairy tale I have read about?
Or is this indeed real life.

I'm in a magical dream,
Dreaming of a perfect world,
A world with out an end,
Where people are always young,
And pet always live.

I'm dreaming of a magical home,
In a magical place,
In a magical time,
Far,Far away from here.

The Best #5
The best,
not the worst,
not in between,
or more just the best.

Its the best,
 when you think,
think a lot.
think about what you like,
and the good thoughts.

Its the best,
When you try,
try your best,
not your worst,
the best.

Make a goal,
a goal you can complete,
not a non-sense goal.

Dancing in the dark and What I've learned in school

   I read this poem Dancing in the Dark  I think it is great I really enjoyed reading this poem. I think it is a great poem because it is teaching not a important lesson but a lesson. I tells that you can do many things in the dark like sing, dance, sleep, and many other things but a poem can not be read in the dark. And the poem also shows examples of light sources like daylight, candle light, electric light, and sun light. I really think this poem is a good poem. And I have noticed that this Poem has lines and stanzas.

Another Poem I read was What I've Learned at School and I like this poem because this is exactly the opposite things that have learned at school.  I noticed that this poem had lots of the poetic element like for example lines, alliteration, and another one it has Repetition. If you ask me about this poem it is great I is exactly what my family does at home.

Summary: La Bamba by Gary Soto

    Dear Viewers,

       My teacher gave me this assignment about La Bamba. The main character is Manuel. Manuel's problem is he volunteered for the talent show and he is very nervous about it. The talent show is happening in the season fall. Miguel act was he was going to lip sing the song La Bamba. Miguel was shy and is not really wanting to do the talent show.In the beginning, I read Miguel was at school and realized that he had forgotten his math homework. This worried him because he would have to stay after school and miss the practice for the talent show. But when he got to school he realized that they were doing drills that morning. At lunch  his friend Benny requested "You should sing and danced to the song." After lunch the Music player broke and Miguel just had to hope the talent show would go good. When he was holding the 45 record and then he dropped it and it rolled on the floor.  In the middle, I read that the school day went by fast and the next thing he knew he was at the talent show waiting to go on stage. When suddenly the teacher went on stage and announced "Next up is Miguel singing and dancing the song La Bamba!" Miguel went on stage and the music started and he started his act. In the middle of the act   the record player got stuck and he just went with the flow. When his act was done he started almost crying because he did so terrible at his act. At the end of the talent show people went up to him and called his act funny. Miguel was proud about his act and he also said he might even volunteer next year.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's there?!

Dear visitors,
When we left off Peak was looking who was at the door. Peak looked out and the was just a boy about the same age Peak was. The boy said " Zopa had sent me here to get you." Peak didn't want to let the boy out int he hall while he got ready(Which would take a long time) so he let the boy in the room. Peak sat down with the boy and Peak found out that his name was Sun-jo and his dad had died from trying to find stranded people on a peak. He had told him that while looking at the gear.

I think that Peak really thought that the house keeper was at the door and was suprised when he found the boy and I wonder who Sun-jo stays with?

Fire time

Dear viewers,

 Peak was at the hotel with all the climbing gear his father had bought him. He was admiring all of the climbing gear his father had got for him in New York. He was thinking to get some food and cook it on his new grill. He turned on the grill and started to cook when he heard a knock at the door of his room. He was afraid it was house keeping, he had told the house keeping lady to come back the next day and there was a chance that it was her. He stood up turned off the grill (he didn't want to burn the whole hotel building on fire) and walked to the door and opened it slightly so the person at the door wouldn't smell the fumes from the grill.

I like this part because Peak was curious about how it worked and how it would do at cooking. And plus Peak was hungry and really just wanted to cook it on the grill. And if I were Peak  I would have been curious and did the same thing that he had done.
This is a portable grill.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A poem

                                                         Prancing Pig

                                         Watch out ten year of dance class,
                                     No need for that now he will teach you.
                                    Hes the prancing Pig and prances all day,
                        He is so successful he competes with humans and wins.
                               No one thinks hes awesome but thats not true,   
                         He once was a normal pig but that only lasted a day,

                                 He was able to dance before he was even born,
                             Hes here now and dancing better than before,
                                 He is the best of all the most successful.
                                               He was once just a pig,
                                     A normal kid of a pig the best pig,
                                            Just a boy a regular boy.
                                          That dances the best of all.

                                                  By Bernadette



Tuesday, October 16, 2012


       Peak and Josh had entered the hotel and Josh mentioned that there was people waiting for him at mount. Everest and he had to go for them. Josh explained to Peak who was going to be with Peak till he comes back. His name was Zopa, Zopa had been  at the top of mount. Everest many times but says he couldn't remember how many times.  Josh also said he would see him in a couple of weeks at the most and that he would call Peaks mom to tell her Peak was okay.(Peak new that he would lie what was happening at that second).
       I really would be sad and terrified if my dad told me " I'll be back for you in a couple of weeks . I would be  terrified because I would not who Zopa. I would also be mad because I had came from New York to China to spend time with my dad and he is doing something else I also want to remind you... I love this book!!.

Brain Pop!

  Dear viewers,

   I really like the website Brain Pop. I really like it because there was really lots of details of what we learned about from the past week in just about five minutes. And I was kinda confused when we were learning about but now I understand what we learned about. I learned that after the french and Indian war the colonist started to get mad at the king of England and that was what started the  American Revolution. The video had to do what I learned about in social studies about the colonies and what happened. I did the quiz after the video and I thought it was great because it was easy to do after the video.


Monday, October 15, 2012


     Peak had got off he plane and drove a taxi to a hotel and waiting outside the  taxi was a bunch of reporters waiting for him. As peak and Josh walked from the taxi to the hotel  there was what seemed like thousand of reporter asking questions about the climb up the building.
    I really wonder how the reporter knew he was there and if they were just there for Peak? Did Josh tell someone? Was it on the news report?

What Josh? I mean dad ?Josh?

Peak found his dad and was on the airplane Peak and his dad were having a talk. Peak had found out that his dad was not able to get seats together. Peak had called his "dad" dad and he said don't call me dad call me Josh. Peak was kinda disappointed that he couldn't spent much time with father Josh. When the airplane had stopped in different places his dad was on the phone talking in what he thought was Chinese or maybe another language.
 I really think that Peak felt bad he had not seen his dad in like five years and now they don't really get to speak when their supposed to be spending time together. I would be disappointed if I were Peak. If it were me I would probably feel really bad about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dad (32-38)

Dear visitors,
When we last left off Peak was at the airport waiting. Peak got tired of waiting and he was starting to worry if his dad was going to come or not.  He was thinking to him self is his dad going to come and  what kind of important was he running. He decided to go to the airport counter to see if his flight was on time it read "ONE TIME" and right when he got to the counter  he glanced at the television the television spoke. " The state of New York had reached a plea agreement with Peak Marcello the boy who climbed the Woolworth building early last week. He was sentenced to three years of probation and was fined a whopping  one hundred and fifty thousand dollars! This is steepest penalty ever giving for a criminal trespass in New York history..."

 In my opinion if I were Peak I would get really mad  because since he was not the only person that had climbed the building or the only criminal fined for doing something illegal. I personalty think that his fine should of been mus less than that it is not Peaks  fault that the boy climbed the building and died. I really wonder what happened to Peak's dad.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting in boredom(31)

Dear bloggers,

    When we last left off Peak was leaving to go to china and had just said bye to his family. When Peak entered the airport his dad wasn't at the counter. He had found out that his flight was not scheduled till three hours. Peak went to the bathroom and discovered that his mom had packed all of the clothes that she like (not necessarily his favorites. Peak threw his suit in to the trash can he said it doesn't fit me anyways. Peak was thinking waiting in a airport might be the worst... Well maybe except for waiting in jail. Peak bought a evil looking hot dog and wolfed it down with some soda. Two hours and fifty three minutes. Peak looked through his backpack and found two moleskines (his note books). He went to the  gift shop and bought a automatic pencil and ripped off the sealing and writes a  #1 on his first note book and closes it. Two hour and thirty-seven minutes.

   I like the part of this story when Peak is just waiting on a bench and looks through his backpack and finds his moleskin. And then Peak has to just go o and buy a pencil to write the number one on his paper. I really like this book as you know and I want to go through it faster.


Dear viewers,
    When we last was on the book Peak, Peaks sisters were begging Peak not to go. But Peak had to go unless he agrees to stay in prison (not likely for Peak) Peak his sisters and his step dad Rolf and mom were at the airport. Peak was saying bye to everybody in his family not thinking about Rolf. As he was hugging his mom she slipped him two credit cards Peak and said "These are for if you want to come back or something." As Peak was hugging his mom he realized he was really going to miss Rolf a lot. Peak went to Rolf and hugged him and told him " I'm really sorry for climbing the skyscrapers and getting in trouble." "It's okay is going to be all right." answered Rolf. Peak went in to the airport after say bye to his sisters...

   I really love this book. I especially like the part with Rolf and Peak. This book is amazing! I had wished Peak had not had climbed the skyscraper because if he hadn't it he would not have to go to China. I 'am hoping Peak does not have to wait for his father. Because if he did they would not do anything Peak will be just sitting there with nobody.