Monday, October 29, 2012

Just me (Peak)

Dear visitors,

Peak is now on the road with one driver, Zopa, Sun-jo, and of course himself. Zopa sent Sun-jo and Peak to walk with the car because he said it was to full in the car (not exactly with the car more like behind the car). And they each had to wear a full pack which is a back pack meant for hiking. Peak knew the reason for this is because he needs to practice doing this for the climb to the summit of Everest and Sun-jo to keep him company. They went through the night and meet up with the guys in the morning. They did the same for another day.

This is a full pack or a hiking pack.
I think that it was really unfair that Zopa told Sun-jo who is not going to climb Everest to walk with Peak who is going to climb. But I think that it is fair to Peak to walk because he is actually going to climb and he has to practice. I also think that it is fair to Peak because he has company instead of going walking by himself.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Poetic Elements

I made this presentation fro the Poetry Quest.
 Please click here if you want to watch the Presentation.

Job #1 Poetry Quest

Serious Poem

I found this poem and I drew a picture of the poem.

Humorous Poem

I found this poem on giggle poetry website and
I thought it would be great because this is exactly
the opposite what I have done in school.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

leave stuff and what?

When we left off Zopa made three piles of gear. After Peak had gotten his stuff together Peak, Sun-jo and Zopa. They left off in a truck packed with what seemed like thousands of things. And that day they were off trading for the whole day,  trading the things that Peaks dad had bought him. And Peak thought that the gear had belonged to people how had died on the way to the summit of Mount. Everest. He thought this because the gear was all bandaged up.

I agree with Peak if someone I hardly knew bought and traded things with my money and the new gear that my father had bought I would kinda think that he was first of all crazy and second of all not that good of a trader. If I were Peak I would not think of him as "the smart one" I would personally call sun-jo the "smart one.
A pile of hiking gear.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poetry Quest #2

We had been given the assignment called Poetry Quest. I have chosen a poet named Emily Dickinson and had also chosen four poems "Nature" Is What We See , A Bird Came Down, "Why do I Love" You. Sir  and another poem called A Book.

Emily Dickinson is born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830. She was prolific private poet and her first 1800 poems were created in her life. When she died in 1886 her younger sister found all of her poems. And all of her poems were published by  Thomas Wentworth Higginson in 1890 four years after she had passed. 

All of the poems by Emily Dickinson are the simaliar because they played  a movie in my mind and they are also the same because she expressed her own feeling in her own thoughts and words. I noticed that she really likes nature because in every poem she has at least one thing about nature and things that she is interested in.

The things that are different about these poems. First they are about different poems and in each poem she talks bout why she likes it and why it is important to her. And in every different poem she has like a thought that she has about that subject.

My favorite poem out of all these poems is A Bird Came Down. I like this poem because of this verse                 "He glanced with rapid eyes." And I like this verse because it is how the bird looked at the poet.


Bare Bear poem

Bare Bare
Bare bear is like super man,
So strong he can carry two tons with his pinky,
So heroic he can save a million people in a split second.

Bare Bear is a piece of blank paper,
Hes so plain he can beat a paper at being plain,
He can't even paint or color on him self,
He just turns back plain old bear.  

Hes a race car,
As fast as a cheetah,
Maybe faster than one.
Hes motorized like a car,
Nothing runs, drives, paddles, or flies faster.

Hes a dictionary,
He knows every tiny thingy thing,
Never answers the non-sense questions,
And is always on task all the time.

Hes a bulldozer,
He knocks down ever thing in his path,
Doesn't care if crashes into something not Bare Bears fault, 
Boom, Smash Crash its knock down in a flash.
Likeity split.

She is just a boy,
 A tom boy to be exact with you,
Just a normal bear that lives in a normal woods,
With normal talents,
Just your average bear.


Dear people of the world,

Peak and Sun-jo went back to the hotel and Zopa met them. When Zopa was in the hotel room sorted the clothes and gear into three different piles. One with the gear and things that don't fit him. One with the clothes that Peak wouldn't need that they would trade. And the other with the things that fit and that he would need.

I think that Peak was mad that he would have to trade the clothes and other items that has dad bought to go to waste even though they were expensive. And I would also think that this would not turn out good or even bad. I would think it would go terrible now that I was with Zopa. And by the way I think that the name Zopa is a cool and fancy name.

Time to leave

Dear viewers,

    Peak and Sun-jo ate lunch and were on their way to a temple where Zopa was waiting for them. They were on their way on a motel cycle. When they got to the temple they waited for Zopa there. They were not allowed to wear there shoes in the temple. Then Zopa and Sun-jo talked and Zopa said to take a taxi back to the hotel. Peak and Sun-jo spent ten minutes trying to catch the Taxi.

  I really feel like Zopa is like the boss of Sun-jo and Peak even though he doesn't talk that much to them. If I were Sun-jo I would be worried to what would happen to my bike. I think that Sun-jo and Peak went to the temple for nothing. And I also think there is not really a reason to go to the temple when Zopa could have went to them. Because he has lots of money and it would spend a lot less money too.

Job # 7

The Perfect Poem #1
The perfect Poem,
What should it be called,
What should it be about,
Where should it take place,
More importantly should I make it.

Why do I want to make a poem,
A simple poem,
challenging poem,
No the perfect Poem.

A got it,
I have been making it
the perfect poem,
for the perfect girl
Here I am
And here it is.

I Wish
I wished for many things,
Many things that might come true,
I want to grow up tall and strong,
With no worries at all.

Just me a dog and my family,
I want to have fun but learn lots,
I wish to be successful,
And I want to be well educated.

All I wish is simple things,
Easy to fall fill,
Only if I stay in school,
And learn.

Poems are Great #3
A poem
is not just words on a
paper its more than that.

Its a piece of mind,
your thought,
your feelings,
your opinion,
doesn't matter what other people think.

Poems are:
Fun to write,
and they are,

Frogs are in the Air #3
Frog are in the air
There jumping everywhere
Theres one in my hair
And one in the bed.

My brother
Started all of this non-sense
When at school
He decided to buy something cool
But it just ended up to be cruel.

I tried to stop he
I tried so hard
but he didn't listen
And now he is
far away from me.

The style for this poem is free verse.
Dreaming #4
I went to sleep in my house,
and now I live in a castle,
I have a wealthy family,
 And a pet dragon.

And I seem to be trapped,
In this fairy tail,
Without knowing the way back home.

I am not very sure,
If this is real or if it is fantasy,
Is is it a fairy tale I have read about?
Or is this indeed real life.

I'm in a magical dream,
Dreaming of a perfect world,
A world with out an end,
Where people are always young,
And pet always live.

I'm dreaming of a magical home,
In a magical place,
In a magical time,
Far,Far away from here.

The Best #5
The best,
not the worst,
not in between,
or more just the best.

Its the best,
 when you think,
think a lot.
think about what you like,
and the good thoughts.

Its the best,
When you try,
try your best,
not your worst,
the best.

Make a goal,
a goal you can complete,
not a non-sense goal.

Dancing in the dark and What I've learned in school

   I read this poem Dancing in the Dark  I think it is great I really enjoyed reading this poem. I think it is a great poem because it is teaching not a important lesson but a lesson. I tells that you can do many things in the dark like sing, dance, sleep, and many other things but a poem can not be read in the dark. And the poem also shows examples of light sources like daylight, candle light, electric light, and sun light. I really think this poem is a good poem. And I have noticed that this Poem has lines and stanzas.

Another Poem I read was What I've Learned at School and I like this poem because this is exactly the opposite things that have learned at school.  I noticed that this poem had lots of the poetic element like for example lines, alliteration, and another one it has Repetition. If you ask me about this poem it is great I is exactly what my family does at home.

Summary: La Bamba by Gary Soto

    Dear Viewers,

       My teacher gave me this assignment about La Bamba. The main character is Manuel. Manuel's problem is he volunteered for the talent show and he is very nervous about it. The talent show is happening in the season fall. Miguel act was he was going to lip sing the song La Bamba. Miguel was shy and is not really wanting to do the talent show.In the beginning, I read Miguel was at school and realized that he had forgotten his math homework. This worried him because he would have to stay after school and miss the practice for the talent show. But when he got to school he realized that they were doing drills that morning. At lunch  his friend Benny requested "You should sing and danced to the song." After lunch the Music player broke and Miguel just had to hope the talent show would go good. When he was holding the 45 record and then he dropped it and it rolled on the floor.  In the middle, I read that the school day went by fast and the next thing he knew he was at the talent show waiting to go on stage. When suddenly the teacher went on stage and announced "Next up is Miguel singing and dancing the song La Bamba!" Miguel went on stage and the music started and he started his act. In the middle of the act   the record player got stuck and he just went with the flow. When his act was done he started almost crying because he did so terrible at his act. At the end of the talent show people went up to him and called his act funny. Miguel was proud about his act and he also said he might even volunteer next year.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's there?!

Dear visitors,
When we left off Peak was looking who was at the door. Peak looked out and the was just a boy about the same age Peak was. The boy said " Zopa had sent me here to get you." Peak didn't want to let the boy out int he hall while he got ready(Which would take a long time) so he let the boy in the room. Peak sat down with the boy and Peak found out that his name was Sun-jo and his dad had died from trying to find stranded people on a peak. He had told him that while looking at the gear.

I think that Peak really thought that the house keeper was at the door and was suprised when he found the boy and I wonder who Sun-jo stays with?

Fire time

Dear viewers,

 Peak was at the hotel with all the climbing gear his father had bought him. He was admiring all of the climbing gear his father had got for him in New York. He was thinking to get some food and cook it on his new grill. He turned on the grill and started to cook when he heard a knock at the door of his room. He was afraid it was house keeping, he had told the house keeping lady to come back the next day and there was a chance that it was her. He stood up turned off the grill (he didn't want to burn the whole hotel building on fire) and walked to the door and opened it slightly so the person at the door wouldn't smell the fumes from the grill.

I like this part because Peak was curious about how it worked and how it would do at cooking. And plus Peak was hungry and really just wanted to cook it on the grill. And if I were Peak  I would have been curious and did the same thing that he had done.
This is a portable grill.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A poem

                                                         Prancing Pig

                                         Watch out ten year of dance class,
                                     No need for that now he will teach you.
                                    Hes the prancing Pig and prances all day,
                        He is so successful he competes with humans and wins.
                               No one thinks hes awesome but thats not true,   
                         He once was a normal pig but that only lasted a day,

                                 He was able to dance before he was even born,
                             Hes here now and dancing better than before,
                                 He is the best of all the most successful.
                                               He was once just a pig,
                                     A normal kid of a pig the best pig,
                                            Just a boy a regular boy.
                                          That dances the best of all.

                                                  By Bernadette



Tuesday, October 16, 2012


       Peak and Josh had entered the hotel and Josh mentioned that there was people waiting for him at mount. Everest and he had to go for them. Josh explained to Peak who was going to be with Peak till he comes back. His name was Zopa, Zopa had been  at the top of mount. Everest many times but says he couldn't remember how many times.  Josh also said he would see him in a couple of weeks at the most and that he would call Peaks mom to tell her Peak was okay.(Peak new that he would lie what was happening at that second).
       I really would be sad and terrified if my dad told me " I'll be back for you in a couple of weeks . I would be  terrified because I would not who Zopa. I would also be mad because I had came from New York to China to spend time with my dad and he is doing something else I also want to remind you... I love this book!!.

Brain Pop!

  Dear viewers,

   I really like the website Brain Pop. I really like it because there was really lots of details of what we learned about from the past week in just about five minutes. And I was kinda confused when we were learning about but now I understand what we learned about. I learned that after the french and Indian war the colonist started to get mad at the king of England and that was what started the  American Revolution. The video had to do what I learned about in social studies about the colonies and what happened. I did the quiz after the video and I thought it was great because it was easy to do after the video.


Monday, October 15, 2012


     Peak had got off he plane and drove a taxi to a hotel and waiting outside the  taxi was a bunch of reporters waiting for him. As peak and Josh walked from the taxi to the hotel  there was what seemed like thousand of reporter asking questions about the climb up the building.
    I really wonder how the reporter knew he was there and if they were just there for Peak? Did Josh tell someone? Was it on the news report?

What Josh? I mean dad ?Josh?

Peak found his dad and was on the airplane Peak and his dad were having a talk. Peak had found out that his dad was not able to get seats together. Peak had called his "dad" dad and he said don't call me dad call me Josh. Peak was kinda disappointed that he couldn't spent much time with father Josh. When the airplane had stopped in different places his dad was on the phone talking in what he thought was Chinese or maybe another language.
 I really think that Peak felt bad he had not seen his dad in like five years and now they don't really get to speak when their supposed to be spending time together. I would be disappointed if I were Peak. If it were me I would probably feel really bad about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dad (32-38)

Dear visitors,
When we last left off Peak was at the airport waiting. Peak got tired of waiting and he was starting to worry if his dad was going to come or not.  He was thinking to him self is his dad going to come and  what kind of important was he running. He decided to go to the airport counter to see if his flight was on time it read "ONE TIME" and right when he got to the counter  he glanced at the television the television spoke. " The state of New York had reached a plea agreement with Peak Marcello the boy who climbed the Woolworth building early last week. He was sentenced to three years of probation and was fined a whopping  one hundred and fifty thousand dollars! This is steepest penalty ever giving for a criminal trespass in New York history..."

 In my opinion if I were Peak I would get really mad  because since he was not the only person that had climbed the building or the only criminal fined for doing something illegal. I personalty think that his fine should of been mus less than that it is not Peaks  fault that the boy climbed the building and died. I really wonder what happened to Peak's dad.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting in boredom(31)

Dear bloggers,

    When we last left off Peak was leaving to go to china and had just said bye to his family. When Peak entered the airport his dad wasn't at the counter. He had found out that his flight was not scheduled till three hours. Peak went to the bathroom and discovered that his mom had packed all of the clothes that she like (not necessarily his favorites. Peak threw his suit in to the trash can he said it doesn't fit me anyways. Peak was thinking waiting in a airport might be the worst... Well maybe except for waiting in jail. Peak bought a evil looking hot dog and wolfed it down with some soda. Two hours and fifty three minutes. Peak looked through his backpack and found two moleskines (his note books). He went to the  gift shop and bought a automatic pencil and ripped off the sealing and writes a  #1 on his first note book and closes it. Two hour and thirty-seven minutes.

   I like the part of this story when Peak is just waiting on a bench and looks through his backpack and finds his moleskin. And then Peak has to just go o and buy a pencil to write the number one on his paper. I really like this book as you know and I want to go through it faster.


Dear viewers,
    When we last was on the book Peak, Peaks sisters were begging Peak not to go. But Peak had to go unless he agrees to stay in prison (not likely for Peak) Peak his sisters and his step dad Rolf and mom were at the airport. Peak was saying bye to everybody in his family not thinking about Rolf. As he was hugging his mom she slipped him two credit cards Peak and said "These are for if you want to come back or something." As Peak was hugging his mom he realized he was really going to miss Rolf a lot. Peak went to Rolf and hugged him and told him " I'm really sorry for climbing the skyscrapers and getting in trouble." "It's okay is going to be all right." answered Rolf. Peak went in to the airport after say bye to his sisters...

   I really love this book. I especially like the part with Rolf and Peak. This book is amazing! I had wished Peak had not had climbed the skyscraper because if he hadn't it he would not have to go to China. I 'am hoping Peak does not have to wait for his father. Because if he did they would not do anything Peak will be just sitting there with nobody.


Monday, October 8, 2012

double trouble (30)

      In the book Peak Peak had just come back from court and he had just found out that he was going to go to china. Peak  found out when he was in court that his mom and step father had been planing to send him to China with his real dad that lives in China. His mom wanted to send him there so he would not have to spend to the three years in prison. When the court ended Peak's dad went and said he had very important errands to. As he went down the hall Peak saw his father rip off his tie like a anaconda was coking him. When his mother came out of the court room she handed him a small bag packed with lots of clothes. When his two sisters came to see Peak they were left alone by his mom his sisters Paula and Patrica started crying there eyes off. And Patrica asked him "Are you going to come back for my birthday" then Paula corrected her "our birthdays." (Since Paula and Patrica were born on Peak's eighth    
birthday) And Peak responded "I'm not sure but it cost lots of money to get from China to here." "We have money?"Paula said " We have sixty-four dollars and thirty-five cents" Patrica announced."sixty-four dollars and forty-seven cent,"Paula corrected. "Is that enough" Paula said. "Maybe," said Peak.

       I really enjoyed reading these pages because it tells about how much Paula and Patrica Care about their brother Peak. I would have done that to my brother if I was in the same situation. I really think that this is the best book in the world.I enjoy I just can't explain how great it is.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lonely in Prison (pages 9-16)

Dear Visitors,

   I have been reading the book Peak and this was one of the most interesting things that happened so far in the book Peak. The first thing that happened was Peak was at JDC and he was bored out of his mind. Then a visitor came to visit his it was his mentor/science teacher Vincent. Peak was pretty upset when he found out it was Vincent instead of his mom. But Vincent brought Peak two black, shrink wrapped notebooks to write in. Peak was to writer of the school and because Vincent thought it would get boring with nothing to do. And Vincent said he brought a pen but the guards wouldn't let Vincent bring the pen. They were afraid that Peak would stab someone or worse someone will grab the pen from him and and stab Peak with it. Later that day another visitor came it was a woman that Peak didn't really know her but his desperation of he was that she was short but powerfully built. She had long brown hair, pale blue eyes, olive-colored skin and was carrying a garment bag. She also had good muscle tone in her arms, a slight stiffness in her back and she was scared on her hands from years of climbing. And also that day there was another visitor it was his mom the first she said was "I'm sorry I couldn't get out here sooner with the twins, and the attorneys." and the next she told Peak was "Ugly," and Peak responded "thanks." You've really done it this time, Six skyscrapers! there going to eat you up and spit you out." Peaks mom said.Peak thought I had seen my mom agitated before but never like this. Next Peak asked "Wait, what happened yesterday?"  His mom answered " Didn't you hear?" Peak shook his head. "A boy fell from the Flatiron building. He's dead." Peak  asked " What does that have-" " To do with you." His mom finished the sentence. His mom explained how the boy had never been climbing  his entire life and he had all the news articles about Peak pinned to the walls of his bedroom. How the boy had a can of spray paint in his pack and how the boy only made it up seventy-five feet and died. And she told Peak that was enough to keep him in jail for  the next three years and thats when you will be eighteen!

  I really enjoy reading the book Peak and I just want to finish the book now and sit down right here for the whole day but I can't because I have school to go to. I believe that this is the best book I had ever read and by the end it's probably going to never leave my bedroom. I really like this book and just for the first couple of pages. If I could read this book for the whole day I would because it has action and lots of  other things that make this a great book. I just can't explain how good it is.



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting caught by the Swat ( begging of Peak)

Dear Readers,

      I have been reading a book called Peak written by Roland Smith. The main character is a boy named Peak. Peak's goal was to tag at least nine sky scrapers but only managed accomplish six. When Peak started to climb and the only problem was the weather. Peak was climbing and he needed to get a stencil out of his back pack and when he did his face was stuck to the buildings wall. He managed to get his face unstuck and started to spay on top of the stencil. As he tried to do the tagging a helicopter flew up behind him. "Your under arrest grab on to the ladder!!" THE SWAT!!! for Peak was never caught before but he has done many of these tags. After Peak gets many stitches gets the bad news that he is going to have to spend time in JDC or Juvenile Detention Center until his time is done three months or til his parents bail him out and the officer said it was going to have to take lots of money to bail him out of JDC.

    My favorite part of the first eight pages of Peak is when he is getting a stencil and spay paint out of his back pack and then his face gets frozen to the building. Peak manages to get his face off the wall and starts to spray the can of paint on the stencil and  when he is doing to tag  and then a helicopter comes up behind Peak and says " you are under arrest grab on to the ladder !!" and Peak is in shock that he was caught. I really love this book Peak and I am looking forward to see what is going to happen next.