Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A poem

                                                         Prancing Pig

                                         Watch out ten year of dance class,
                                     No need for that now he will teach you.
                                    Hes the prancing Pig and prances all day,
                        He is so successful he competes with humans and wins.
                               No one thinks hes awesome but thats not true,   
                         He once was a normal pig but that only lasted a day,

                                 He was able to dance before he was even born,
                             Hes here now and dancing better than before,
                                 He is the best of all the most successful.
                                               He was once just a pig,
                                     A normal kid of a pig the best pig,
                                            Just a boy a regular boy.
                                          That dances the best of all.

                                                  By Bernadette




  1. I really like the first stanza. I do not under stand the last stanza. I suggest that you make it a little clearly.

  2. Bernadette,

    You do a great job of introducing your topic. After that I am confused because you have some incorrect grammar and spelling.