Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bare Bear poem

Bare Bare
Bare bear is like super man,
So strong he can carry two tons with his pinky,
So heroic he can save a million people in a split second.

Bare Bear is a piece of blank paper,
Hes so plain he can beat a paper at being plain,
He can't even paint or color on him self,
He just turns back plain old bear.  

Hes a race car,
As fast as a cheetah,
Maybe faster than one.
Hes motorized like a car,
Nothing runs, drives, paddles, or flies faster.

Hes a dictionary,
He knows every tiny thingy thing,
Never answers the non-sense questions,
And is always on task all the time.

Hes a bulldozer,
He knocks down ever thing in his path,
Doesn't care if crashes into something not Bare Bears fault, 
Boom, Smash Crash its knock down in a flash.
Likeity split.

She is just a boy,
 A tom boy to be exact with you,
Just a normal bear that lives in a normal woods,
With normal talents,
Just your average bear.


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  2. Bernadette,
    I like how you described the bear but I think you can be a little more clearer on the bear like in Hes is it He's?