Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brain Pop!

  Dear viewers,

   I really like the website Brain Pop. I really like it because there was really lots of details of what we learned about from the past week in just about five minutes. And I was kinda confused when we were learning about but now I understand what we learned about. I learned that after the french and Indian war the colonist started to get mad at the king of England and that was what started the  American Revolution. The video had to do what I learned about in social studies about the colonies and what happened. I did the quiz after the video and I thought it was great because it was easy to do after the video.



  1. Dear Bernadette,
    Good job on your opinion!!! You made your opinion was quite descriptive!

    ~MMV Kid

  2. Dear Bernadette,
    I like how you said you can do somthing a five minutes when you could learn it in a week.


  3. Hi Bernadette,
    I like how you were descriptive on your opinoin on brain pop.