Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dancing in the dark and What I've learned in school

   I read this poem Dancing in the Dark  I think it is great I really enjoyed reading this poem. I think it is a great poem because it is teaching not a important lesson but a lesson. I tells that you can do many things in the dark like sing, dance, sleep, and many other things but a poem can not be read in the dark. And the poem also shows examples of light sources like daylight, candle light, electric light, and sun light. I really think this poem is a good poem. And I have noticed that this Poem has lines and stanzas.

Another Poem I read was What I've Learned at School and I like this poem because this is exactly the opposite things that have learned at school.  I noticed that this poem had lots of the poetic element like for example lines, alliteration, and another one it has Repetition. If you ask me about this poem it is great I is exactly what my family does at home.

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