Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Job # 7

The Perfect Poem #1
The perfect Poem,
What should it be called,
What should it be about,
Where should it take place,
More importantly should I make it.

Why do I want to make a poem,
A simple poem,
challenging poem,
No the perfect Poem.

A got it,
I have been making it
the perfect poem,
for the perfect girl
Here I am
And here it is.

I Wish
I wished for many things,
Many things that might come true,
I want to grow up tall and strong,
With no worries at all.

Just me a dog and my family,
I want to have fun but learn lots,
I wish to be successful,
And I want to be well educated.

All I wish is simple things,
Easy to fall fill,
Only if I stay in school,
And learn.

Poems are Great #3
A poem
is not just words on a
paper its more than that.

Its a piece of mind,
your thought,
your feelings,
your opinion,
doesn't matter what other people think.

Poems are:
Fun to write,
and they are,

Frogs are in the Air #3
Frog are in the air
There jumping everywhere
Theres one in my hair
And one in the bed.

My brother
Started all of this non-sense
When at school
He decided to buy something cool
But it just ended up to be cruel.

I tried to stop he
I tried so hard
but he didn't listen
And now he is
far away from me.

The style for this poem is free verse.
Dreaming #4
I went to sleep in my house,
and now I live in a castle,
I have a wealthy family,
 And a pet dragon.

And I seem to be trapped,
In this fairy tail,
Without knowing the way back home.

I am not very sure,
If this is real or if it is fantasy,
Is is it a fairy tale I have read about?
Or is this indeed real life.

I'm in a magical dream,
Dreaming of a perfect world,
A world with out an end,
Where people are always young,
And pet always live.

I'm dreaming of a magical home,
In a magical place,
In a magical time,
Far,Far away from here.

The Best #5
The best,
not the worst,
not in between,
or more just the best.

Its the best,
 when you think,
think a lot.
think about what you like,
and the good thoughts.

Its the best,
When you try,
try your best,
not your worst,
the best.

Make a goal,
a goal you can complete,
not a non-sense goal.

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