Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting caught by the Swat ( begging of Peak)

Dear Readers,

      I have been reading a book called Peak written by Roland Smith. The main character is a boy named Peak. Peak's goal was to tag at least nine sky scrapers but only managed accomplish six. When Peak started to climb and the only problem was the weather. Peak was climbing and he needed to get a stencil out of his back pack and when he did his face was stuck to the buildings wall. He managed to get his face unstuck and started to spay on top of the stencil. As he tried to do the tagging a helicopter flew up behind him. "Your under arrest grab on to the ladder!!" THE SWAT!!! for Peak was never caught before but he has done many of these tags. After Peak gets many stitches gets the bad news that he is going to have to spend time in JDC or Juvenile Detention Center until his time is done three months or til his parents bail him out and the officer said it was going to have to take lots of money to bail him out of JDC.

    My favorite part of the first eight pages of Peak is when he is getting a stencil and spay paint out of his back pack and then his face gets frozen to the building. Peak manages to get his face off the wall and starts to spray the can of paint on the stencil and  when he is doing to tag  and then a helicopter comes up behind Peak and says " you are under arrest grab on to the ladder !!" and Peak is in shock that he was caught. I really love this book Peak and I am looking forward to see what is going to happen next.



  1. Bernadette,
    Amazing writing! Very well organized, and good grammar as well. But as Mr. Moore said to me once: "It is never appropriate to use more than one exclamation point."

  2. Bernadette,
    Nice work on this post! I'm glad you are excited to read on. What predictions did you have as you read this part? What do you know about Peak? What kind of person is he?