Monday, October 15, 2012


     Peak had got off he plane and drove a taxi to a hotel and waiting outside the  taxi was a bunch of reporters waiting for him. As peak and Josh walked from the taxi to the hotel  there was what seemed like thousand of reporter asking questions about the climb up the building.
    I really wonder how the reporter knew he was there and if they were just there for Peak? Did Josh tell someone? Was it on the news report?


  1. Please make sure you follow the directions for these posts. I need to see some substantial writing on this post - a nice, succinct summary, and a big fat critique.

  2. Bernadette,
    I think your post is great. But may I offer to ask that next time you write so I can understand. That would be a huge help to me by understanding. Thanks. If you want any way. Your choice. Author than that your post was fabulous.

  3. Dear Bernadette,
    Why did you choose to make your summary into two run-on sentences? Plus, I suggest that you touch on more important points.