Thursday, October 25, 2012

leave stuff and what?

When we left off Zopa made three piles of gear. After Peak had gotten his stuff together Peak, Sun-jo and Zopa. They left off in a truck packed with what seemed like thousands of things. And that day they were off trading for the whole day,  trading the things that Peaks dad had bought him. And Peak thought that the gear had belonged to people how had died on the way to the summit of Mount. Everest. He thought this because the gear was all bandaged up.

I agree with Peak if someone I hardly knew bought and traded things with my money and the new gear that my father had bought I would kinda think that he was first of all crazy and second of all not that good of a trader. If I were Peak I would not think of him as "the smart one" I would personally call sun-jo the "smart one.
A pile of hiking gear.


  1. Dear, Bernadette
    I love your poem and I like how you put those amazing words in there. I think you should do more of that. Is that from a book or is it from you and I think if it is a book you should put the author. If it is your poem it is great.

  2. Bernadette,
    I love your critique but my favorite part is the names that you said in this. I have a question did you mean to not have all of the important words in you title not capitalized?

  3. Dear Bernadette,
    Nice work on the image! However, I personally recommend that you put your image to the side of the text, and placing it up higher.

  4. Dear Bernadette,
    Why didn't you publish the comment I sent you? Tell me why if you know...