Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dear viewers,
    When we last was on the book Peak, Peaks sisters were begging Peak not to go. But Peak had to go unless he agrees to stay in prison (not likely for Peak) Peak his sisters and his step dad Rolf and mom were at the airport. Peak was saying bye to everybody in his family not thinking about Rolf. As he was hugging his mom she slipped him two credit cards Peak and said "These are for if you want to come back or something." As Peak was hugging his mom he realized he was really going to miss Rolf a lot. Peak went to Rolf and hugged him and told him " I'm really sorry for climbing the skyscrapers and getting in trouble." "It's okay is going to be all right." answered Rolf. Peak went in to the airport after say bye to his sisters...

   I really love this book. I especially like the part with Rolf and Peak. This book is amazing! I had wished Peak had not had climbed the skyscraper because if he hadn't it he would not have to go to China. I 'am hoping Peak does not have to wait for his father. Because if he did they would not do anything Peak will be just sitting there with nobody.


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  1. Dear Bernadette,
    I think your post is great but did he go to China? Your post me want to read more. Why do you not want Peak to sit alone at the airport? I agree with you on wishing Peak does not have to wait on waiting for his father.