Friday, October 5, 2012

Lonely in Prison (pages 9-16)

Dear Visitors,

   I have been reading the book Peak and this was one of the most interesting things that happened so far in the book Peak. The first thing that happened was Peak was at JDC and he was bored out of his mind. Then a visitor came to visit his it was his mentor/science teacher Vincent. Peak was pretty upset when he found out it was Vincent instead of his mom. But Vincent brought Peak two black, shrink wrapped notebooks to write in. Peak was to writer of the school and because Vincent thought it would get boring with nothing to do. And Vincent said he brought a pen but the guards wouldn't let Vincent bring the pen. They were afraid that Peak would stab someone or worse someone will grab the pen from him and and stab Peak with it. Later that day another visitor came it was a woman that Peak didn't really know her but his desperation of he was that she was short but powerfully built. She had long brown hair, pale blue eyes, olive-colored skin and was carrying a garment bag. She also had good muscle tone in her arms, a slight stiffness in her back and she was scared on her hands from years of climbing. And also that day there was another visitor it was his mom the first she said was "I'm sorry I couldn't get out here sooner with the twins, and the attorneys." and the next she told Peak was "Ugly," and Peak responded "thanks." You've really done it this time, Six skyscrapers! there going to eat you up and spit you out." Peaks mom said.Peak thought I had seen my mom agitated before but never like this. Next Peak asked "Wait, what happened yesterday?"  His mom answered " Didn't you hear?" Peak shook his head. "A boy fell from the Flatiron building. He's dead." Peak  asked " What does that have-" " To do with you." His mom finished the sentence. His mom explained how the boy had never been climbing  his entire life and he had all the news articles about Peak pinned to the walls of his bedroom. How the boy had a can of spray paint in his pack and how the boy only made it up seventy-five feet and died. And she told Peak that was enough to keep him in jail for  the next three years and thats when you will be eighteen!

  I really enjoy reading the book Peak and I just want to finish the book now and sit down right here for the whole day but I can't because I have school to go to. I believe that this is the best book I had ever read and by the end it's probably going to never leave my bedroom. I really like this book and just for the first couple of pages. If I could read this book for the whole day I would because it has action and lots of  other things that make this a great book. I just can't explain how good it is.




  1. Fire Dragon,
    Why did you use so many run-on sentences? Why did you say Peak didn't know his mom at first? It doesn't really make sense when you said Peak's mom said: "You've really done it this time. Six skyscrapers!"

  2. Bernadette,
    This is a great summary. I love the way you included quotes from the text. Please remember that in dialogue, characters never speak on the same line of text.

    I'd like to see your summary shorter, and you critique the longer piece.