Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Summary: La Bamba by Gary Soto

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       My teacher gave me this assignment about La Bamba. The main character is Manuel. Manuel's problem is he volunteered for the talent show and he is very nervous about it. The talent show is happening in the season fall. Miguel act was he was going to lip sing the song La Bamba. Miguel was shy and is not really wanting to do the talent show.In the beginning, I read Miguel was at school and realized that he had forgotten his math homework. This worried him because he would have to stay after school and miss the practice for the talent show. But when he got to school he realized that they were doing drills that morning. At lunch  his friend Benny requested "You should sing and danced to the song." After lunch the Music player broke and Miguel just had to hope the talent show would go good. When he was holding the 45 record and then he dropped it and it rolled on the floor.  In the middle, I read that the school day went by fast and the next thing he knew he was at the talent show waiting to go on stage. When suddenly the teacher went on stage and announced "Next up is Miguel singing and dancing the song La Bamba!" Miguel went on stage and the music started and he started his act. In the middle of the act   the record player got stuck and he just went with the flow. When his act was done he started almost crying because he did so terrible at his act. At the end of the talent show people went up to him and called his act funny. Miguel was proud about his act and he also said he might even volunteer next year.


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