Monday, October 8, 2012

double trouble (30)

      In the book Peak Peak had just come back from court and he had just found out that he was going to go to china. Peak  found out when he was in court that his mom and step father had been planing to send him to China with his real dad that lives in China. His mom wanted to send him there so he would not have to spend to the three years in prison. When the court ended Peak's dad went and said he had very important errands to. As he went down the hall Peak saw his father rip off his tie like a anaconda was coking him. When his mother came out of the court room she handed him a small bag packed with lots of clothes. When his two sisters came to see Peak they were left alone by his mom his sisters Paula and Patrica started crying there eyes off. And Patrica asked him "Are you going to come back for my birthday" then Paula corrected her "our birthdays." (Since Paula and Patrica were born on Peak's eighth    
birthday) And Peak responded "I'm not sure but it cost lots of money to get from China to here." "We have money?"Paula said " We have sixty-four dollars and thirty-five cents" Patrica announced."sixty-four dollars and forty-seven cent,"Paula corrected. "Is that enough" Paula said. "Maybe," said Peak.

       I really enjoyed reading these pages because it tells about how much Paula and Patrica Care about their brother Peak. I would have done that to my brother if I was in the same situation. I really think that this is the best book in the world.I enjoy I just can't explain how great it is.


  1. Dear Bernadette,
    Good work! The part with twins was nifty. Continue your good writing!

  2. Bernadette,

    Why is Peak's real dad in China?


    1. Ian,
      Peaks real dad is in China I am pretty sure there is lot of mountains for him to climb like Mount everest.

  3. Bernadette,
    You're doing a great job with your ideas. I'd still like to see less summary and more critique. Also, have someone read over your work before you post it because I'm finding simple grammar and spelling issues that I know you know how to fix.