Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time to leave

Dear viewers,

    Peak and Sun-jo ate lunch and were on their way to a temple where Zopa was waiting for them. They were on their way on a motel cycle. When they got to the temple they waited for Zopa there. They were not allowed to wear there shoes in the temple. Then Zopa and Sun-jo talked and Zopa said to take a taxi back to the hotel. Peak and Sun-jo spent ten minutes trying to catch the Taxi.

  I really feel like Zopa is like the boss of Sun-jo and Peak even though he doesn't talk that much to them. If I were Sun-jo I would be worried to what would happen to my bike. I think that Sun-jo and Peak went to the temple for nothing. And I also think there is not really a reason to go to the temple when Zopa could have went to them. Because he has lots of money and it would spend a lot less money too.

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