Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting in boredom(31)

Dear bloggers,

    When we last left off Peak was leaving to go to china and had just said bye to his family. When Peak entered the airport his dad wasn't at the counter. He had found out that his flight was not scheduled till three hours. Peak went to the bathroom and discovered that his mom had packed all of the clothes that she like (not necessarily his favorites. Peak threw his suit in to the trash can he said it doesn't fit me anyways. Peak was thinking waiting in a airport might be the worst... Well maybe except for waiting in jail. Peak bought a evil looking hot dog and wolfed it down with some soda. Two hours and fifty three minutes. Peak looked through his backpack and found two moleskines (his note books). He went to the  gift shop and bought a automatic pencil and ripped off the sealing and writes a  #1 on his first note book and closes it. Two hour and thirty-seven minutes.

   I like the part of this story when Peak is just waiting on a bench and looks through his backpack and finds his moleskin. And then Peak has to just go o and buy a pencil to write the number one on his paper. I really like this book as you know and I want to go through it faster.


  1. Dear Bernadette,
    Why didn't you put another parentheses around "(not necessarily his favorites" Also, why did you make your sentence about his notebooks and the automatic pencil so long?

  2. I do not understand why the minutes and hours are included. They are written as if they are complete sentences, but we both know that they aren't.

    Why do you like this part of the story? Be specific and let your readers know what is good about it.