Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Dear people of the world,

Peak and Sun-jo went back to the hotel and Zopa met them. When Zopa was in the hotel room sorted the clothes and gear into three different piles. One with the gear and things that don't fit him. One with the clothes that Peak wouldn't need that they would trade. And the other with the things that fit and that he would need.

I think that Peak was mad that he would have to trade the clothes and other items that has dad bought to go to waste even though they were expensive. And I would also think that this would not turn out good or even bad. I would think it would go terrible now that I was with Zopa. And by the way I think that the name Zopa is a cool and fancy name.

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  1. Zopa is by far my favorite character in this book. Have you done any outside research on the Tibetan Buddhist monks? It would be awesome if you could provide your readers with links and pictures about this.