Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's there?!

Dear visitors,
When we left off Peak was looking who was at the door. Peak looked out and the was just a boy about the same age Peak was. The boy said " Zopa had sent me here to get you." Peak didn't want to let the boy out int he hall while he got ready(Which would take a long time) so he let the boy in the room. Peak sat down with the boy and Peak found out that his name was Sun-jo and his dad had died from trying to find stranded people on a peak. He had told him that while looking at the gear.

I think that Peak really thought that the house keeper was at the door and was suprised when he found the boy and I wonder who Sun-jo stays with?


  1. Bernadette,

    You did a nice job of not telling every single bit of detail. You should work on being specific about names because I got lost when you kept on saying he.

  2. Bernadette,
    I think that your sentences need to be more complete. Also were is you paragraph about what you think? May I ask why you have two paragraphs on the summary and not one on summary? I also found some words that look incorrect. I think you should fix those. Other than that it was good.