Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elijah of Buxton

Dear viewers,
I personally think that this is a great book. I like this book because I has lots of details and to book has words how the people of Buxton says it. I like how the Elijah's mom is scared of toady-frogs and Elijah is scared of snakes. But he is mostly scared of hoop snakes. In the story a escaped slave let a hoop snake loose and the preacher can tell it is mating season.

this is a hoop snake.


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  2. Dear Bernadette,
    This a really good picture, at first i didn't know what it was but then I saw the title and I took a good look at it and I think I saw a head. Please keep up the amazing work you have and can you please come to my blog and comment? I will be amazingly waiting for this amazing comment I know you are going to write!