Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poetry Quest job #4

I read two poems for Poetry Quest #4 and I found two poems and their both about a monster under  
peoples bed. The first poem I am going to talk about is called Hey, Ma, Somethings Under My Bed.
And this one is similar to the other poem called Under My Bed because it describes how the girl think that the monster looks. And they are also similar because the people in the poems describe what they are going to do the monster that is in their room. These poems are different because the poet described what the main characters are going to do to the monster and each poems have different ideas how their going to react to the monster. In the poem Hey, Ma, Somethings under my bed the character says she is going to beat the monster by shooting the canon balls at the monster, tried to vacuum up the monster, and she also tried to make killer bees sting the monster. And on the poem Under My Bed the poet tried to make the girl scared of the monster under the bed by screaming and trying to shut her eyes.


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