Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The black pearl (post # 4)

Dear people of the world,

I would like to tell you that when I read somethings and I thought that they are really interesting. But I also have some questions. Like in the book it said that they don't have scuba gear they just have a rope to pull when they need to get to the surface. Why don't they use scuba gear? I also have another question about the pearl Ramon found. Is the pearl he found actually black? I hope to hear from you.

This is a picture of the different types of scuba gear.



  1. Nice job with the image. Have you tried to do any research in order to answer your question about why they are nor using the scuba gear? I've left some comments with links about this type of diving on other blogs. Take some time to go look and find the links I've left! You might find some answers to your questions!

  2. Bernadette,

    Why did you post a picture of scuba gear even though it is not in the book? I would post a picture of a man diving without scuba gear.

  3. Bernadette,
    I think that it is weird that the pearl divers don't use diving gear. But I also do understand is the pearl black or white?