Monday, November 5, 2012

What we can change our group

Dear viewers,

I really like how we are doing this activity so far. I have idea about a couple of things that we can change as a group. The first thing I think we can change is each group should be in a bunch together instead of being scattered all over the room, so if any people in the group need to talk with each other about the book they can talk with each other. The other thing we can change is Mr. Moore can have mini confreres with each one of us so he can tell if we read or if we were behind on the book.    I also thing that  we should make a limit about how many sentences our summary's should be, so we can make longer critiques and be more focused on what we think about what we have read.  And the finial thing we can change as a team is we can be in groups of two so it would be easier for us to commit on each others work and finish making blog post.



  1. Fire,
    It really depends on books and how we want to be. For example, Gold (Charles) might want to be independent. You really can't force to be in a group.

    1. Dalena,
      Charles is going to be a group with Mr.Moore.

  2. Bernaddette,

    What do you mean by In a bunch. That would make some random reader think that you mean we should all work together but later they would think you are contradicting your self by saying you think we should all work together.