Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Flush by: Carl Hiaasen

Dear world,

I am starting the book Flush. I will do the same thing that I do with every book, summery and critique.  Lets begin!!!

The main charter in the story is named Noah. There is a casino boat in the story, that name is Coral Queen. Well the casino boats owner is a guy named Dusty Muleman. That Dusty is doing something illegal, he is dumping the sewage from the Coral Queen into the ocean!

I personally don't like Dusty Muleman in the story. All though I like the character that the Carl Hiaasen creates. The story takes place in Florida. I think that this is so far a great book and that Carl is a great writer. I like how he has lots of details and great. In this post that Charles had made he had a excellent beginning.


  1. Dear Bernadette,
    I like that your reading that book it looks really good what you have has made paint a picture of what it is about. When you are done with the book can I please read it? Thank you so much Bernadette! Please visit my blog!

  2. Bernadette,
    I like how it is short and I wanted to read not a really long post. Here is a
    I think you are doing great. I suggest only putting one picture on one blog post but over all great job!