Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flush: My dad is in jail

Dear world,
This is a picture of hand cuffs.
The main character Noah, went to the jail to visit his dad on fathers day. Noah is worried about his dad, when he saw his dad he saw him in regular clothes and wearing no hand cuffs. He was talking to his father. I found out that he was in jail for sinking Dusty Muleman's casino boat. Noah asked his dad that he could just say he was sorry for sinking the Coral Queen and it all could be over. His dad said That he wasn't sorry for nothing.

A sinking casino boat.
I think that is wasn't that great of a idea for Noah's dad sinking Dusty Muleman's  Boat. But it was sorta                    a good idea because  Dusty was dumping the sewage from the boat into the ocean. I think that Noah's dad is a smart guy if he was able to sink a casino boat! I think that you have to be a intelligent person is you know how to sink a boat in the first place, but a casino boat you got to e smart to sink one of them.                                                                
I had read the post to Anthony's  blog and noticed that he had wrote about Noah's dad and how he sunk the Coral Queen. 

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