Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Touching Spirit bear 3

Dear viewers,

Cole is going to a meeting about him and who ever wants to come to help Cole can come. A person that calls her self the keeper ( the person in charge of the meeting) stands in the middle of the circle of chairs. She announces " Our goal is to return wellness, not only to Peter Driscal, but also to Cole Matthews and our community.

I really like the story Touching Spirit Bear and I like what the keeper said. I really like how the author includes lots of details to get to know how Cole is and who Peter is. I think that that Cole is feeling so good with so many people showing up to the meeting to him. I think that right now in the book, Cole is feeling that so many people actually care about him. And another thing that I think Cole might be thinking is since the way he acts is so many people came but none of these people care about me.

This is a picture of what is happening in the story and the person in the middle is the keeper.

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