Friday, December 7, 2012

Touching Spirit Bear 4

Dear people of the world,

  The keeper had announced that she had a feather and the feather gave you the right to talk. The people in the circle passed around the feather and soon it got to Cole, Cole knew the next words that he said needed to be good. "Uh I'm Cole Matthews," Cole began,"and I'm here because I really screwed up, I know what I did wrong, and I want Peter I am sorry for everything." Cole sniffled and rubbed his nose for a effect. " I want to ask this circle to help me get over my anger."
  I didn't by in the book when Cole said what he was there for. And I personally think that nobody in the circle bought it either, especially Peter. I think that what he said was also cheap to say. I don't think even the keeper thought he actually meant that, and she barley knows who he is. I think that the feather that the keeper had was a white or a black feather.

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