Monday, December 10, 2012

Touching Spirit bear 5

Dear people of the world,

Cole is at the circle justice meeting and he got mad and yelled out from his seat. "I don't even think that he remembers when my birthday is!" At the end of the meeting Garvey was talking to Cole when Cole's father passed by "Yes Mr. Matthews this is about responsibility. When is your sons birthday." Cole's dad gulped and didn't answer.

I think that it is a great responsibly to remember your own sons birthday. I think that Cole's father is not even a father to Cole. I think that it is just sad that Cole doesn't even think of his dad as a father. And worse I think it is bad that Cole's dad dosen't probably think of Cole as a son. All I think that his  dad has done for him is show up for the circle justice meeting.

I think that all of these are what Cole's father is lacking. 

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  1. Bernadette,
    Your Prezi was amazing! You gave short, succinct definitions: the kind of writing that people in the Blogosphere look for. However, I'm wondering where your thinking is with the paragraph in the post. But, perhaps you should wait on that until you've filled out your note-catcher.