Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Touching Spirit Bear 6

Dear people of the word,

  Cole is at the circle justice island with Garvey and Edwin. Before Garvey and Edwin leave Edwin spoke "Patience, gentleness, strength, and honesty, Animals can teach us more about our selves than any teacher." He had just watched as Garvey and Edwin. Cole had decided to burn the shelter that Garvey had built with every thing he need to survive including the food.

I think that Cole is not getting what Edwin told him. I think that all he thinks is I am going to kill every thing I don't think that Cole respects him self. I think that he is probably not going to improve. Or this circle justice is going to make him feel better about him self and not respect others.

It imaginable that I think that this is the kind of shelter that Garvey made for Cole to survive.


  1. Bernadette,
    Sheesh. Cole has something wonky in the head if he burns down his own shelter. That was a good interpretation of what Garvey said. I'm wondering, however, why you're on your sixth post, yet you're still at the beginning of the book?

  2. Nice work on this post. I am curious about what you think about some of these characters. How about Cole's family?

    Why do you think Garvey and Edwin put up with this kid?

    How do you think Cole will change in the book? I doubt there would be a story here is he doesn't change in some way...