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PitBulls/ My dog

Dear world,

A picture of Penny the second day we had her.
I got a puppy! She is a girl and she is named penny. When we got her on Christmas she was seven weeks old. she was so small. She is a Pit bull mix.

Now in this video (right side) Penny has grown
 so much. The older she gets the more spot
come to be on her. She is a energetic little puppy.
 Day by day play, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, play,
 play, play.  She loves to climb the couch and look                    
 on the other side of it. She barks and that means                  
she would like to go to the other side. Sometimes                
she falls down but when she does a pillow is there
to catch her at the perfect time. Penny is a huge puppy right now she is about 6 months old and about full grown and she love to get wet and she can also
 go down slides without help.

Here is my essay on pit bulls:
Bernadette #42
February 14, 2012
Informative Essay Choice

Face the Facts About Pit Bulls!

What would happen if you got a dog, or even a Pit bull? There are many things to learn about Pit bull, but the three most important things you need to know about pitbulls before you get one is their history, characteristics, and their training.  Did you know the pit bulls official name is Staffordshire Bull terrier? The Pit bull can live up to 14 year thats 98 dog years. Did you know puppies are easier to train when they are little?  In this essay you will learn about all of these things and more than you ever knew about Pit bulls.
Did you know that the Pit Bulls were used in mines when they were first breed? In this paragraph you will learn about the Pit Bull’s History, their breed, life, and where they came from. People in the nineteenth (1900’s) century bred the Pit Bull because they wanted a dog that was small to fit in the mine shafts with the coal miners.They combined a Bulldog with a small local dog. They ended up getting the Staffordshire Bull terrier. (Pit Bull) The Pit bull has been around for a long time they have a special life. The dog was used as a fighting dog and that ended in 1935. But, still people use Pit bulls as fighting dogs. The other names for the Staffordshire Bull terrier are the Pit bull, APBT, Pitty, and Pitt Bull. The dog (Pit bull)  was bred to be a short and fast dog that was first used in mines. Where did the Pit Bull come from? The dog was first bred in England. They were bred in the 1860’s. In england they were used for Bull and Bear baiting. Now you know the history of the Staffordshire Bull terrier.
Did you know that Pit bulls have many different personalities. In this paragraph you will learn about pit bulls personalities and even more like the character traits, jobs, and body structure. There are many different words that can describe a pit bull. Like they are muscular, loyal, clownish, stubborn, affectionate, intelligent, friendly, and obedient. The pit bull can grow up to 17 - 22 inches tall and 30 - 65 pounds in weight. The pit bull can live 12 - 14 years if well taken care of. The pit bull does many different jobs some good and some just cruel. When people used Pit bulls wrongly the use them as illegal fighting dogs. The pit bulls were also used incompetition, as police dogs, or therapy dogs. They can also be used for herding sheep, protecting people or livestock. Now lets talk about the body structure of the pitbull. The coat of the pit bull can be many colors, in fact they can be almost any color. The pit bull is a medium sized dog and has a scissor like bite. This breed is short haired, with small short ears. In this paragraph you have learned about the pit bull’s characteristics.
There are many different things to teach pit bull. Including how to teach them not to bite, to housebreak them, and teach them other tricks. There are many ways to solve the biting problem for pit bulls. One of the things that you can try is to get a cold butter stick, and then you rub it on the back of your hand and let them lick it. Another thing you can try, is every time your dog bites you, you press the roof of their mouth with your thumb. The last thing you can try is you can get a spray bottle and spray your dog every time they bite you and when they stop biting you give them their favorite treat. To housebreak a puppy is simple. When your dog is showing signs of going to the bathroom you take them outside. (They will sniff around and look like they are trying to find something.) Take them to a spot that you would like them to go bathroom. Once they have used the bathroom say “Good job!” give them a treat and take them inside. There are many different tricks that you can show you puppy that will help, or will just give your dog a trick that they can do on command, like sitting, staying, shaking, or do many other things. The first step to training a puppy is to get the puppy to get some treats and to get your self to a quiet room that doesn't have any distractions. Then what you want to do is move their body to the trick you want them to do then you do then you say the command or a hand gesture you want (or you can add both), when their body is in that position you say or do the command give them a treat. When they have done that things on their own keep giving them treat when they do it.  In this paragraph you have learned about how to train your Pit bull.
In this essay you have learned about Pit bulls. You have learned about Pit Bulls Origin/History, their characteristics, and how to train them. In this paragraph you have learned about Pit bulls and what they act like and how they behave. What would you do if you had a Pit bull puppy or a Pit bull? What would you train them and what would they do when you train them? If you got a Pit bull what would you name it and color would he/she be? Would you want a Pit bull or what other dog would you get. Do you already have a Pit bull, dog, or another animal? 


Rocking Star Blogger

Dear people,

So I wanted to mention one of my best friends and she is also a great friend. Who I have know since I was in kindergarten. She is a little older than me and she is very smart and likes to blog. She hasn't done much blogging this summer but she is a great blogger. Her blog Rocking star Blogger.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear world,

So I have decided that I will not post more about flush. Because I don't think I have enough time to do it. But if you were interested in my posts about it you should try to read the book some time. Or you could read another book of Carl Hiaasen's. I hoped you enjoyed. I might make summaries like how I did for Flush starting in the end of school- the 27 of May, 2013.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Food and Nutrition: The food plate/ Reading Nutrition Labels

Dear viewers,

So this blog post is going to tell you about about what I learned about the food plate and reading nutrition labels. Hope you enjoy and learn more than you know now. You can go to this link to to find out  more.

The Food Plate
So on the food plate you should have a varieties of fruits. They can be canned, fresh, frozen, dried. And you should not have a lot of fruit juices and added sweeteners and no fiber. You should also have plenty of vegetable and mostly of the ones that are green and orange. Grains are  things like bread, cereal, rice, crackers, and pasta. Meat and beans are another was that you can protein. When you get meat get some that is lean or has little or no fat at all. Baking, broiling, and grilling are better choices on preparing meat. Other proteins are fish, peas, beans, seeds, and nuts. Dairy is a snack or drink that has minerals in it. When you choose these you choose them that have a little or no fat.You, your body need enough calories to work and move and stay active. Another way of staying healthy is to exercise.

I will post more later.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

39 Clues: Maze Of Bones: Chapter 3

Hello world, 

The book has gotten more interesting since my last post and since then then challenge that Mr.Moore put up was a little more difficult. I think that the farther and farther we move into the book the more and more we are going to have to think. 

So the last time Amy and Dan had a choice. Either to take one million dollars or get one clue of 39 that could make them the most powerful person in the world. William gave everyone in that room about 40 out of the 400 people 5 minutes to think and talk to their families. Amy and Dan had a short time limit and two things that they really wanted. Dan wanted the million dollars because he could have a lot of baseball cards because he trades those. And Amy didn't really know what she wanted. Then there cousins Natalie and Ian. They are twins and are very annoying. They were saying that Dan and Amy were going to take the money because they were poor. And that they weren't going to take the challenge because they were going to fail at the challenge. So Dan and Amy knew that Grace would want them to take the challenge and they wanted to prove Natalie and Ian wrong!

My Perfect Healthy Meal

Bernadette Weigang-#42
May 7, 2013

What do you eat for meals and snacks? Is what you eat everyday healthy for you? Well what you think is a good snack would probably not be the best snack for your body. My idea of the perfect healthy meal is to eat things that are healthy for your body and delicious to yourself also. But if I know it is healthy for you and you don’t like it you should try to eat it with a sauce or a dip. So I am going to explain to you what are the correct choices to choose are. And I am going to tell you about the last meal of the day -Dinner. This dinner is a healthy meal to make and it is easy too. My healthy meal that I am going to tell you about is  So I am going to tell you about healthy meal that taste amazingly delicious -spaghetti with meatballs. 
First the spaghetti would have to be made with whole wheat pasta. The most important part about making the meatballs is to use lean ground beef. Overall all we need for this meal is the tomato sauce. For the tomato sauce you should use tomatoes. For flavor for the sauce it should have only salt and pepper. For a healthy and delicious meal we are going to make broccoli with melted cheese. drink that is your choice should not have any added sugar. Like a good choice would be milk. But do not get “whole milk” instead you should get a milk that doesn’t have a lot  of fat like 2% or 1% milk.
For dessert there is some  things that are healthy for you like a strawberry dessert. This strawberry dessert is amazing. This is a delicious dessert and it is more healthy compared to other desserts. So in this dessert there is three things. You need to wash, dry, and chop some strawberries. Then you need a cup of whipping cream and you need two tablespoons of sugar. If this is correctly mixed it will be about a pinkish color.
A great indicator of a healthy meal is variety of colors. So this meal is great because it has many varieties of colors. First the colors the spaghetti has is red and orange - brownish and lastly it has the color brown. The side dish, broccoli with cheese has the colors green- dark and light and yellow. Okay we also have the drink which is white. Lastly we have the dessert which when mixed in correctly is about a pinkish color. Here is a website that I used to see what to eat and if it is healthy for us. This dinner with everything I explained is about 527 calories. When you are 9 - 13 you should eat about 1600 calories if you are a girl. That is about 530 calories per meal. If you are 9 - 13 years old and a boy you should eat about 1800 calories. That is about 600 calories per meal. Here is this assignment blog post. On this website you can track how many calories eat meal you eat has.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

39 Clues: Beginning-Chapter 1-2

Dear viewers,

        Mr.Moore (teacher) gave us a assignment. The assignment is to answer the questions in the post. The main question that I am going to answer in this post is "Will you take easy money and go on with your life? Or would you take the challenge, risk your life and risk your money?" And I am not really sure what I would do because it could go either way and I would really care which way it went.  And another thing he told our group to do is make a refection on what we think of the characters.
        We got the reveal of the mystery book. The name of the book is The Maze Of Bones. In the beginning or the first chapter it starts off with a woman named Grace Cahill that was dying on a bed, grace is a millionaire.   And in the beginning Grace when she was dying someone named William McIntyre asked Grace if she wanted and if she was sure she wanted to sign something. She has two grandchildren named Dan and Amy. I am pretty sure Grace took care of them two before she passed away. Dan said that his favorite person was Grace because she let him call her "Grace" her name instead of grandmother, nana, gran. Dan and Amy. Amy likes to read a lot in the first two chapters in the first two chapters it says she started reading more once Grace (grandmother) passed. While her aunt is is driving like a Maniac. She said Amy put away your book you will distract me from driving. They where driving to the funeral when there where a lot of people there Dan said they were all just there at Grace's funeral because the wanted to inherit the money from Grace.  Amy and Dan were at Graces funeral. Everyone at the funeral  each had a program card. And William said that if they opened it and found a card invitation with gold rimming to follow him. The people that did have the program with gold follow William inside. When they were inside they all sat down and they were all given the choice either to have a clue that was one out of 39 and if you solve all of the clues it could make you the most powerful person in the world. Or the second choice was to have one million dollars.
        Okay, so in the story I think that Grace was very nice since she insisted in Dan and Amy calling her her real name. I think that she was a very nice person. But most of all I wonder the most about what was it the William wanted Grace to sign. Was it important? I think that Amy is a person that just loves to read I'm not sure but I think they are not in school . But, if they were I think that Amy will have no problem with it since she loves to read she must love other subjects too. I think that Dan is a person that wold not be that good in school but instead would have a difficult time. Like when he said that all the family members were just there for the money. So the question from earlier "Will you take easy money and go on with your life? Or would you take the challenge, risk your life and risk your money?" I think that I would take easy money and go on with life. I think that I will do this because I would really have to deal with money problems like paying my bill and getting enough to eat. But, if I did this choice I will at least give some to my family members to spend with their own things. But, If I did this I wouldn't really have the biggest home or the best home I would just have a normal house.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How To Make Ice Cream In A Bag! 3 ingredients

Dear world,

As you know I really like to cook and bake even though I haven't been posting a lot of recipes I really love to bake. And today I am going to tell you how to make Vanilla ice cream in a bag. I have memorized this recipe from a very long time.

All You Need:
- 1 two quart sized zip lock bag
- 1 gallon sized zip lock bag
- 1 cup milk or heavy cream
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla
- 2-3 cups ice
- 1/2 cup rock salt or salt
- A Bowl
-  A cloth or glove in case hands get cold
- Patience

Add heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla into the two quart bag. Zip the bag so no liquid will spill out of leak from bag. Shake the bag to mix all ingredients together. Put the two quart bag in to the gallon sized bag. Add the ice and the salt into the gallon sized bag with the two quart bag. Zip tight. Start to shake and you could also softly kick the bag around. Do so until the cream or mixture condenses. Next this is to open bag and take out the cream bag. Open cream bag and put the  now ice cream into the bowl. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Change

Dear world,

I changed the template of my blog. But I am not really changing my post and I am the same person. I changed it to a nicer back round than I had before I really think that I like this style. All of the posts are going to be the same as before I changed it.

The Mockingjay project

Dear world,

The Mockingjay pin.
We are doing something different in class for guided reading we are going to do something that Charles found at a blog called the Mockingjay Project. But we are not going to do it with the book The Mockingjay we don't really know the book yet. Charles one of my classmates found this blog on comments for kids. On this blog there are multiple students blogs which I believe are eighth grade. They used a tool on these blog in which they created their own characters. And they could either record their own voices or they could write text. This tool was called Voki and I am not one hundred percent sure. I am really excited about what we are going to do, what we are going to use, and what book we are going to read for this assignment. I will though finish blogging about Flush until I finish. But I will be only posting them at home and writing them at home.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flush: Trapped

Dear viewers,                                                              

In the last post Shelly and Noah were discussing the plan before the Coral Queen opened for the night. Noah is going to stay in the bathroom while Shelly is working. Then suddenly, Noah is finished dumping all the food coloring gel in the toilet when... a lady knocks at the door. And she starts to yell that she needs to use the bathroom. As this happened Noah though either this lady couldn't read or she needed to go so bad she didn't care about the sign.

Lady knocking at door.
I think that this lady was not very smart because the two things Noah though happened either she couldn't read or she needed to use the bathroom really bad I think that it was the second choice because she probably didn't care about anything that was happening  because she needed to go. She probably thought that the bathroom was open because there was one flushing, and she
 probably thought that someone was in there, which there was. Here was a post on Bella's blog which is at the part that I am at now.  I Put this on here because she did an amazing job, and she always puts a ton of effort into her blog posts that she makes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Flush: On the Coral Queen!

A casino boat docked.
Dear visitors,

The last post was about how Noah was getting into the Coral Queen and was getting in by a lift. Like he was actually getting lifted  off the ground.

So Noah got in the Coral Queen and met up with Shelly since Noah and Abbey bought 34 bottles of food gel each Noah and Shelly got 17 bottles. Noah was going to be in one of the woman's bathroom which was called the bathroom for
Out of order sign.
"Mermaids."  On the out side of the bathroom was an "out of order" sign so no one would want to go in or will have a idea of going in that bathroom because it was "out of order." Shelly said that he could go in that bathroom while she was doing her thing. Which is being a bartender on the Coral Queen. She said that she only got off two times every night so she wouldn't have very much time. Shelly also said that since they (Abbey and Noah)
A bartender like Shelly.
got food gel instead of food coloring the gel would be harder to squeeze into to toilet water. And that this would take longer to do so.

I think that calling the "Mermaids" bathroom was creative. I think that Dusty and other crew members. I wonder who named it? But the thing that I realized is that they probably named it like that because since they were on the ocean. Since the Coral Queen doesn't go any where it was a super simple plan even for abbey. I think that on this blog post that Bella had posted was very similar to mine about how Noah got onto the coral Queen. I think that Bella had a very,
very got post. She had put many
details in the post and I really think
that she is overall a great blogger.
She included some of the
 information that I left out of my
last blog. I is not very much
information but that is what makes
her blog post interesting.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear world,

There was a mix up with some of my post. The last two posts got switched around with each other and now are out of order. I don't know what happened but I hope this is only for a while not forever I don't want to confuse all of you people. These two post were the last two Carl Hiaasen posts, posted. Hope this doesn't happen again! Sorry for the mix up!

Flush: Almost There

Dear visitors,

Like a picture of a an conversation.
So on the last blog post I made, Noah and Abbey are headed to the Coral Queen. And they had this conversation that I forget to add to the last post. Abby will be "Pink" and Noah is going to be "Blue." 

Noah: Sure you're okay with this? I'll be gone awhile.

Abbey: Oh, gimme a break, 'Course I'm okay.

Noah: Stay right here until you hear me yell 'Geronimo!' Then you know what to do.

Abbey: Why 'Geronimo'?

Noah: Because I saw it in a movie once.

Abbey: What the heck does it mean?

Noah: It means 'Hurry up and rescue
me before I get kicked by Dusty's big
 ugly goon.' No more questions okay?
 Keep out of site and I'll see you later.

I think that so far this is an awesome
book probably one of my favorites
 so far but I think that  I have to wait
 till I see another of Carl Hiaasen's boos
 first. On Annabelle's blog she has the
conversation quotes from the book to
but she has different colors for them. 

Flush: Time to Hide!

Dear viewers,
A picture of a crate.

My last post Noah and Abbey were reviewing there plan if some thing went wrong there would be a big problem. Now Abbey dropped Noah off at the Coral Queen and left to wait for the key word "Geronimo." The Coral Queen at this time was about to open for the night. Shelly, Noah, and Abbey had discussed the plan and it is time for action! Noah spotted some crates. Shelly had promised Noah that one of the crates would be empty for Noah. So Noah looked for the empty crate. When he spotted the crate he opened it and hopped in. Some of the workers on the casino came and started to bring all the crates to Shelly because since she was the bar tender. All the crates except the crate Noah was in were filled with liquor. As the workers were bringing the crates up to her they were complaning a bout Noah's crate being so heavy.
Two people carrying a crate like the two workers on the Coral Queen.

I think that this is the part in the book where it gets the most interesting. There is more action and things like that. I think that Carl Hiaasen is doing a great job. Even when I thought that in the middle of the book it wasn't all that interesting. I really like the end of the book, still have more to blog about. I think that Noah wouldn't be all that heavy well they don't know what is in the crate, all they think is in it is Liquor. But, the thing is they are both grown men and they both are complaining about the weight. I think that everyone should read this book because it is

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flush: Boat Discussion!

A dock at night.
Dear visitors,

In the last blog post Noah and Abbey got in to some problem and now they have the problem solved and they are headed towards the dock. When they got there they got a motor boat and rode off towards to the Coral Queen. When they headed off they discussed the plan. Noah said that when Abbey heard him say "Geronimo" to come towards his rescue

A motor boat.
I liked this part in this story I liked how the "Geronimo" sounds. I overall just like the word. I think that it is a pretty funny word. I think that this part was a strange part because of the key word. I looked up this word on and found out that this word means "A battle cry used by paratroopers especially during World War II, on jumping from a plane." I have read Bella's blog post and her blog post is very similar to my blog post because we both talk about the word "Geronimo" in our post. And because overall we have very, very similar posts.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flush: Problem Solved!

Dear visitors,

This is how I imagine the dog but with a mad face.
So the last blog post was about Noah and Abbey getting in to trouble. They had gotten really close to Noah's friend's dog. After the tried to hop the fence to see a dog that looked angry. Noah happened to have a apple in his pocket that he was planning to eat as a snack. Abbey thought that the dog wouldn't like the apple. Then Noah threw the snack to the dog and Abbey and Noah got away, while the dog ran off with his prize. They ran off to the dock.

This is a dog with an apple.
I though that this was a interesting part that Carl Hiaasen put in the story. Because you wouldn't expect this to happen in the story. And I thought that this was a funny part to because Abbey thought that the dog wouldn't want the apple but he apparently did. I could imagine the dog with a happy look on his face running to the other side of the yard. I think that this was part. Here is two post that were similar to each other. That I forgot to make a blog post for. Here is Bella's blog post and here is Nathalia's blog post. If you take time to read these you would see that they are very similar to each other.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Flush: One Problem!

 Dear world,

This is like Abbey and Noah sneaking out of the house.
In my last post Abbey and Noah had every think prepared and planed for their plan. And their mom and dad are coming back at mid-night. But one problem a dog! To be more exact his friends dog! His friend had went camping in Denver for the summer.

I think that this book is getting good at this part because of how Carl Hiaasen had made all of the text. He had made the text interesting. I think that Carl Hiaasen
must of really enjoyed writing
this part of the book... I mean it
is a really great book. With a good
Author.  Here is a link to Bella's blog
post where she talks about this
subject. And the other reason is
because this is overall a great post.

Flush: Preparing!

Dear world,

Like a map or route that they are going to use
but theirs is going to be in the ocean.
The last post was about Noah and Abbey getting the supplies to do the plan and now they have to go to where they are planing to put the plan to action. They have every thing figured out their mom and and are going for a movie and dinner and will be back about at 12 at night. And they have already told Shelly about this plan and they already know the route that they are going to use and what they are going to use to go on that route.

In the story these last chapters about Abbey and Noah trying to solve this problem about the pollution in the ocean. And I think that these kids are gotta be intelligent and trying to make a difference. But about their dad I think that he is just trying not to go back to jail again because of trying to solve this problem. I think that every one (especially Mom) will get nervous and mad if he he tries to do the crazy things that he does all the time.  A think that this book is the best book I have read so far. It is really a GREAT book and I wouldn't complain if I read another book from him.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flush: Lets Get It

Dear world,

These are food gel bottles.
Noah and Abbey had went to to store and bought some food gel. When they were checking out at the store the lady at the counter asked what they were going to use all that food gel for and they just remarked they were making a very, very big birthday cake.

I think that it was funny that they came up with "A Birthday." though of course they are not going to tell just a regular person about their plan. Like what happens if she tells someone. Ad soon enough the plan will get to Dusty and get out. And if that would have happened they would get in BIG, BIG trouble by Dusty. But I don't think that dad would care that much that they would do that. He was the one that started all of this. Because he was the only one in their town that realized that was happening.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Electricity & Magnets

Dear Viewers,

   In class we are learning about Electricity & Magnets. I really am interested in magnets I really want to learn more about both Electricity & Magnets. I have learn a lot of things already in class and I am learn more things every single day. (All light blue text can be found in vocabulary resource.)

   Electricity has a lot to do with this unit on Electricity & Magnets. I have learned that the way that you measure the amount of electricity a item has is measured in volts.    The electricity in a item is the amount of voltage it has. I you were to charge your phone or computer you would be using electric charge to charge it. In this website online that I found it tells the way you charge your electrical devices. Circuit run from electricity, and usually the power source is a battery.  When you flip the switch to a circuit you are running a current through the wire. There are three main parts in a circuit switch, battery, and light bulb. The switch for it is so the circuit can be complete, when the circuit is closed the flow of electricity goes all around the wire and this causes the light bulb to turn on. When the circuit is opened there is really not a flow of electricity, nothing happens. A series circuit can turn on a couple of light bulbs in a row.  A parallel circuit has wire in a parallel line on each side of the battery that flows to the battery. Brain Pop resources I used: Electricity  and Electric Circuits. 
A electric circuit.
A parallel circuit,  

 Magnets help us with our every day lives and are a huge part of this unit. I think that these are really fascinating to play around with. They are cool because they only attract with other magnets or pieces of steel, copper, bronze, or iron. They have more metals they attract too! The magnets have two sides, the North Pole and the South Pole. There are many items you can find in your home that magnets are attracted to. Magnets do two things repulsion and polarity.  Repulsion is what happens when two magnets don't go towards each other. When the same poles are facing towards each other they are repulsion and do not attract. Polarity is when the magnets are attracted to each other. This happens  when the opposite poles are facing each other. For Example is the North and North poles were facing each other it would be repulsion. And if the South and North poles were facing each other they are polarity. Outside you can find rocks that is magnetic, Magnetite is the rock that can be attracted to a magnet. In this article it tells about this rock and how people discovered magnetism. For this I used Brain Pop video: Magnetism
 An example of  the ways magnets attract. 
Magnet attracting or pulling together.


Two magnets repelling each other.
 Electromagnets are magnets charged with electricity. You can make a electromagnet by charging a magnet by using a circuit and a magnet. All you do is wrap a wire from a circuit around a magnet and let the current go around, and around, and around, and around until it goes all the way through the circuit and then this happens again and again until the magnet becomes an electromagnet. The magnets then produce a bunch of force way more force than a regular, plain magnet. When you make an electric magnet you don't exactly need a iron nail you can make a magnet by doing this. If you want to charge a magnet you use a magnet. This will enable you to charge an magnet. So all you need is a nail or a magnet, a battery or a power source, and a switch.
The elements of an electromagnet.
Another example of an electromagnet. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flush: A Great Plan

Dear People of the world,

Food coloring.
So Noah came up with this plan. Three words food coloring and toilet. Yes, it involves food coloring and the toilet, but how. It involves the food coloring going in to the toilet when it flushes and it all goes down to the holding tank. Which the color added to water becomes more color. And eventually everything in the holding tank will become dyed. Noah came up with it.

I think that this is a great idea but the question is how? If they are trying to get the color into the holding tank of the Coral Queen wouldn't they have to get on board the Coral Queen. And if they're thinking that they are going to get on board the Coral Queen then how? And what happens if they get caught? What would they do then?


Flush: The Truth

Dear world,

Like Noah thinking how he is going to tell Abbey about the video.
As we were talking yesterday Abbey had been "missing" the night before video taping the scam Dusty was trying to do. And her video was not a "Great" piece of evidence for them to show the coast guards or cops. And no one wanted to her because they didn't want to make her feel so bad about it. Then he just told her. She agreed with him, that she knew that it wasn't so great either.

I think that I wouldn't think that it was a great piece either even if I went out at midnight with the chance with being caught and even worst was happens if she didn't go the right way. Shes a brave seven year old. And she got lost and What would happen if she got a really bad injury and she had no where to go. Shes pretty smart for a seven year old, in second grade.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Flush: The Tape?

Dear visitors,
How the video looked.

Every one in the Underwood house has awoken. And Abby is showing them why she was  out at mid-night. For evidence of the Coral queen but all that could be seen was a blurry video of figures moving. This was because Abbey could not figure out how to zoom out on the video camera.

I think that Abbey was a very brave sister to be riding her bike at MIDNIGHT just to walk to the woods by the Coral Queen and
just take a video of what was
happening. I  think that even
Noah wouldn't have done that.
Because what happens if she
had got caught by Dusty what
would he do to her. And what
 would happen to Abbey and
her family. 

Flush: There your are!

Car driving down high way like Noah, Mom, and Dad.
Dear world,

As Noah, Mom, and Dad down the highway going home they noticed a figure of a person. As they passed by they yelled at Mom (the person driving the car) to stop. They figured it could have been Abbey. And it was her riding her bike heading home. They took her home and once they got there they all went to sleep then came the morning...

I think that they all got lucky by thinking that she might of been home.
And Abbey is also lucky. She got a
ride home when she was going to ride
 her bike home instead. I thought that
mom was going to have to call the
cops if Abbey wasn't home yet. Well,
 yeah she wouldn't have anything
 else to do instead of wait and hope
for Abbey to come back home all right.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Flush: We Have to Find Her!

Dear viewers,

Like the faces Noah, Mom, and Dad would have.
As you all know "Abbey is missing!" No one knows where she is yet but Noah thinks that he has an idea about where Abbey is. And Mom is really worried about her. So Mom, Dad, and Noah hopped into the car and drove to the first place they could think of... The Coral Queen to search for her. One they got to the Coral Queen they were thinking that Dusty must have taken her. So they went in the ticket both where Dusty was counting his money that he had got from the night. They got no bite of information there so they decided just to go back home.

How I imagine the ticket booth. 
I think that possibly Dusty was lying about not having Abbey. I also think that he has Lice but if he did have them both where would he put them? That is a question that I would really like to be answered. And why would he take a little kid? I think that he is rude, and cruel but just not that cruel. I think that someone needs to do something fast about the Sewage waste into the ocean. Like who would not believe Dad when he sunk a stinking boat just to prove a point about this case? Is no one paying attention to what is happening or what?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flush by Carl Hiaasen: Compare and Contrast Mom and Dad

Dear visitors,

I have been assigned to make a blog post about comparing/contrasting to characters in our independent reading books. I have choose the book "Flush" to do this on. And today I am going to be comparing two characters. Mom and Dad. I am going to compare Mom and Dad because they are "Well Know" characters in this story. When I was contrasting Mom with Dad I had noticed that she has many things that are different. Like that she is very polite I noticed that she was polite just because of the way that she had talked in the story with manners and
nicely. I think that she has a strong mind for the same reason as well. And I think that she is a careful listener because she always listens. I also think that she is protective because she was really worried when abbey went missing and she starter bawling her eyes out. Now lets talk about Dad. First of all I think that dad really dislikes Dusty, because first of all he sunk his boat! I also think that he is adventurous because he was walking just walking and apparently he came across a bunch of wrong things happening. And I also think that he is finally wants to fix all problems that he sees, because if he sees something wrong he just can't stand to see it wrong he just needs to fix it. Now lets talk about the comparisons between Mom and Dad.  They are both trustworthy because you can trust them with one of your secrets. They both also want the best for their kids like they are not mad but worried when one of them does something stupid.




Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flush: Wheres Abbey?

Dear people of the world,

This is probably like the window Abbey escaped  out of when she went missing.

I have read that Noah's Mom and went to check on abbey and she was missing! Mom was crying while she was starring like she was shocked into Abbeys room. When Noah took a look at the room of Abbey he had seen the window open and remembered that she wouldn't have set her window down laid slanted into the wall if she was taken. She must of sneaked out of her room.

I personally think that Abbey wasn't taken that she was just going to do something that she wanted to do. Maybe to help out Noah and her dad with the
 "Coral Queen Case." I hope that
if she was trying to help out  that
 she will not be caught and will
get some useful information. Hope
she has a incredible piece of

Flush: Home alone

Dear people,

Either the face of Shelly or Noah.
The next day Noah's mom so called friend had recorded a video of the interview that his dad was doing the night before. Noah mom watched the interview. Then Noah's mom went to the store with Abbey and Noah was the only one home. By him self Noah watched the interview that his dad had done the night before. Noah went out side, just to see Shelly there waiting for him. Shelly said to get in her jeep. As they drove off on to the highway Shelly had told Noah that she thinks that Lice didn't just leave her. That she thinks that someone took him instead.

I think that if they even touched Lice that Shelly would have knocked them out. But, I think that soon they will find Lice. Because from what I had read in the book he is a strong guy. And he fights to the end of things. No matter what happens.
 Like in this book I think that Noah and Shelly are
getting to know each other better. I think that soon
 they are going to know each so well. I also think
that soon instead of Lice helping him, that Shelly
 will help him to get them back! But, if Lice was
 there I swear that he would help them. But now
Noah's dad doesn't have to give him the boat.