Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flush: The interview!

Dear world,

This is a satellite.
Noah and Abbey need to stop their mom from watching TV at five o'clock.Why because of the interview that Noah's dad decided to do from the jail. They didn't know what their dad planned on saying but they didn't think that it was something good. After dinner Abbey pretended that she wasn't felling good while he used his fishing pole to grab the satellite for the television. And yank it so his mom would not be able to watch the news. (Like she does every night.)

I think that Noah and abbey have a great plan but what would their mom think... Did they pull it down? Was it the wind? What happened? I would not want to get into that situation but I would also not want Noah's mom to see the interview of Noah's dad. I would have done that too. Of course there is a chance of getting in BIG BIG trouble but it worth it and I would tell her that the wind blew it or something like that. But, isn't it funny that the wind happened to knock the satellite down when Abbey was Screaming. I have read Bella's blog post and  have noticed that we both have a post about "THE INTERVIEW."

Monday, January 28, 2013

Flush: Shelly's mad!!!

Noah is going to the trailer where Lice lives when suddenly it starts pouring. (raining) Noah arrives at the trailer only to find Shelly, Lice's girlfriend with a bat in her hand and Noah had noticed that her foot wrapped in tape. They started to talk. Shelly had told Noah that Lice wasn't there and that the night before when she was taking a shower Lice had taken all her money (over 100 dollars) and the jeep. She also mentioned that they found the jeep on the side of a road ABANDONED! When Noah went home after the rain had calmed down. When he got home he told abbey everything that Shelly had told Noah.

I truly don't know what happened to Lice. I wonder what happens if Lice didn't didn't actually run off what happens if he just wentout and got taken. I think Lice disappearing has something to do with Dusty Muleman. Like maybe just maybe did Dusty or one ofhis workers could of have taken Lice because they didn't want to be caught in the act or they didn't want any body to give anybody clues about dust dumping illegally.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Excretory System

Dear people,
The first thing that happens in the Excretory system is, after food is digested   your body gets rid of waste minerals. And the liquid waste called goes to the kidneys that make urine. There are nephrons in the kidney The liver on the other hand filters blood. When the blood goes through the ureter to the bladder. The process of excretion the urethra removes the urine. Lungs help you breath. and through the skin the same but different thing come out.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flush: Where is he?

Dear people,

A skiff.
Noah and his sister were at their house waiting for Lice. When they noticed that Lice wasn't coming. They were wondering, why wasn't Lice coming he could get a skiff for a note that's a pretty good deal. Noah told Abbey that he was going to Lice's house to see if Lice was still working on his statement. He didn't let Abbey come because he didn't want her there just in case Lice ends up passed out drunk on the floor of his trailer. "If you're not back in an hour, I'm calling the cops." Abbey said.

 I like this book so far it's a great book, I especially like how there are a lot of surprises like Lice not showing up. I would really wonder about Lice, I mean that he gives Noah a paper saying how Dusty Muleman was illegally dumping and Noah's dad's boat is all his. I wouldn't wan't my sister coming If I were Noah. First of all, what Noah said about the being passed out on the floor. And I also wouldn't want her to come because she might get hurt or be to slow. I think that it is funny that Abbey said "If you're not back in an hour, I'm calling the cops." 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flush: Lice Peeking

Dear world,

The money Lice is going to have after cashing in the boat.

Noah meets a person that worked for Dusty once. Lice's girlfriend was once Dusty forth or fifth wife.  Noah and his dad had made a deal with lice. Lice knows that Dusty is dumping sewage in the ocean. Lice has to write a note saying how Dusty is illegally dumping in return for Noah's dads boat. Lice and Noah both know Lice can cash in the boat for money.

I think it is a good idea for giving the boat to Lice for a note that has a chance of getting Dusty Muleman busted. But since i think it is a good idea that doesn't mean it is a good deal to do this. I mean just a paper for about twenty thousand DOLLARS!!! But I wonder, and then, I wonder even more is the paper going to cut it about getting Noah's dad out of jail.
And I especially don't really think the
note is going to get Dusty Muleman into
jail. But that would be wonderful if they just switch places.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Digestive System

Dear world,

Today I am going to tell you about the digestive system.

The first thing that happens in your digestive system is you take a bite a food. Your teeth, saliva, and tongue all work together to break down the food. There are two types of digestion chemical and mechanical.  The macanical The tongue then pushes the food then goes down you esophagus to your stomach. Your stomach churns the food and also releases chemicals to break down the food even farther from what just happened in your mouth. From there the food enters your little intestine where the villi take in all the nutrients and send the nutrients to your blood stream. Next, food goes into the large intestine where the liquid is sucked out of the food this helps keep you hydrated. The final thing that happens in your digestive system is all the food gathers at the rectum until your rectum gets full. Next time to rectum gets full thats when you need to go to the bathroom.

Flush: The guard

Dear world,
News reporter.

So Noah is at the jail he looks at the person at the front then asks him if he could see his dad. Noah handed the envelope to the person at the front. The person at the desk takes the letter and looks in side of it to make sure nothing that would be danger to any body is in the jail. The person in the front say that Noah can not come in because his dad was doing a interview at 10:00. Noah asked if he could come back later and the guard said "no."

I read that the guard said "no" that Noah can not see his dad. I know that Noah's dad is doing a interview. I also know that Noah's dad has already sunk the mean "Dusty Muleman's" casino boat. I infer that Noah's dad is doing the interview with something to do with why he sunk the boat. I also think that Noah's dad is trying to bust Dusty's secret about dumping the sewage in the ocean. I think that Noah's dad is going nuts since he is in the jail for sinking Dusty's boat. I think that soon Noah's dad is going to get out of jail and bust Dusty. Or maybe just maybe Noah and abbey might bust Dusty.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Flush: Dad

Dear people,

Noah is going to the jail to visit his father. He had brought a envelope, which is already opened. Noah knows what is in the envelope because his mom had opened it. He was hoping that the people at the jail would let him in without his mom calling them to let them know he was coming. He brought the letter as a excuse to come in to give it to his dad. When he got the the front of the jail a man was there. He asked the man if he could give the mail to  his dad.
This is a envelope.

I think that is was a smart idea for Noah to bring the mail. But I wonder if the person is going to let him in the jail to see his dad just for bringing the letter. I would like to see if the person at the desk would let him even in. I wonder if Noah's dad is going to be up to some trouble.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Respiratory System

I drew a picture of the Respiratory system.
Dear world,

I would like to tell you a little about the Respiratory System and the path air takes trough your body.

The first thing that happens is you in-hail through your nose mostly. In this process there are two things that help take all the dirt out of your system, the first thing is that you sneeze and the other thing that helps is your nose hairs. The next thing, is there are two tubes the esophagus and the trachea the air goes through the trachea. If the air goes through your esophagus it can cause you to burp, but, if food goes through your trachea it can cause you to choke. Then, it goes down the trachea to the bronchial tubes. The air goes through your tubes to the end of the bronchial tubes it reaches the Alveoli. The Alveoli are tiny one cell air sacks. And around them are capillaries. The capillaries get the air and from that they spread oxygen through out our bodies.

                                                           Process air takes through your body.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flush: Why, Why Are You Crying

Dear viewers,

This is how I think Noah mom feels right now.
I found out why Noah's mom was crying. She was crying because of Noah's dad. His mom had asked Noah's dad if he wanted to be bailed out, and he said no. And Noah's mom is mad and confused about why he didn't let her bail him out. she said that if he didn't want her that she was going to leave the house and bring Noah and Abbey with her when she goes.

Personally, I think that Noah's dad is in there for a reason. I don't thing that it is a good idea for her to leave Noah's dad. I think that soon Noah's dad is going to help the whole family live a better life. Like maybe getting Dusty Muleman in trouble or even getting him caught by the police department.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flush: The Crying onion

Dear people of world,

This is a picture of a onion.
Noah is at his house and he sees that his mom is up-set. He knows this because his mother is chopping onions, and no-one in their family like onions. His mom chops onions whens shes sad so she would have a excuse for why she is crying. Noah say that when he leave his mom is going to put in a container and then throw away the onions later.

I think that cutting onion is a cleaver cover for why she are crying. I personally don't like chopping onions because it stings your eyes so much. But I like the things you can do with onions. I like how Noah knows why his mom is chopping onions. I wonder why she is so sad. In this post that Bella's had made Noah's mom is nervous and mad just like in this post.