Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flush: The Crying onion

Dear people of world,

This is a picture of a onion.
Noah is at his house and he sees that his mom is up-set. He knows this because his mother is chopping onions, and no-one in their family like onions. His mom chops onions whens shes sad so she would have a excuse for why she is crying. Noah say that when he leave his mom is going to put in a container and then throw away the onions later.

I think that cutting onion is a cleaver cover for why she are crying. I personally don't like chopping onions because it stings your eyes so much. But I like the things you can do with onions. I like how Noah knows why his mom is chopping onions. I wonder why she is so sad. In this post that Bella's had made Noah's mom is nervous and mad just like in this post.

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