Monday, January 14, 2013

Flush: Dad

Dear people,

Noah is going to the jail to visit his father. He had brought a envelope, which is already opened. Noah knows what is in the envelope because his mom had opened it. He was hoping that the people at the jail would let him in without his mom calling them to let them know he was coming. He brought the letter as a excuse to come in to give it to his dad. When he got the the front of the jail a man was there. He asked the man if he could give the mail to  his dad.
This is a envelope.

I think that is was a smart idea for Noah to bring the mail. But I wonder if the person is going to let him in the jail to see his dad just for bringing the letter. I would like to see if the person at the desk would let him even in. I wonder if Noah's dad is going to be up to some trouble.


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