Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flush: The guard

Dear world,
News reporter.

So Noah is at the jail he looks at the person at the front then asks him if he could see his dad. Noah handed the envelope to the person at the front. The person at the desk takes the letter and looks in side of it to make sure nothing that would be danger to any body is in the jail. The person in the front say that Noah can not come in because his dad was doing a interview at 10:00. Noah asked if he could come back later and the guard said "no."

I read that the guard said "no" that Noah can not see his dad. I know that Noah's dad is doing a interview. I also know that Noah's dad has already sunk the mean "Dusty Muleman's" casino boat. I infer that Noah's dad is doing the interview with something to do with why he sunk the boat. I also think that Noah's dad is trying to bust Dusty's secret about dumping the sewage in the ocean. I think that Noah's dad is going nuts since he is in the jail for sinking Dusty's boat. I think that soon Noah's dad is going to get out of jail and bust Dusty. Or maybe just maybe Noah and abbey might bust Dusty.

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