Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flush: Lice Peeking

Dear world,

The money Lice is going to have after cashing in the boat.

Noah meets a person that worked for Dusty once. Lice's girlfriend was once Dusty forth or fifth wife.  Noah and his dad had made a deal with lice. Lice knows that Dusty is dumping sewage in the ocean. Lice has to write a note saying how Dusty is illegally dumping in return for Noah's dads boat. Lice and Noah both know Lice can cash in the boat for money.

I think it is a good idea for giving the boat to Lice for a note that has a chance of getting Dusty Muleman busted. But since i think it is a good idea that doesn't mean it is a good deal to do this. I mean just a paper for about twenty thousand DOLLARS!!! But I wonder, and then, I wonder even more is the paper going to cut it about getting Noah's dad out of jail.
And I especially don't really think the
note is going to get Dusty Muleman into
jail. But that would be wonderful if they just switch places.

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