Monday, January 28, 2013

Flush: Shelly's mad!!!

Noah is going to the trailer where Lice lives when suddenly it starts pouring. (raining) Noah arrives at the trailer only to find Shelly, Lice's girlfriend with a bat in her hand and Noah had noticed that her foot wrapped in tape. They started to talk. Shelly had told Noah that Lice wasn't there and that the night before when she was taking a shower Lice had taken all her money (over 100 dollars) and the jeep. She also mentioned that they found the jeep on the side of a road ABANDONED! When Noah went home after the rain had calmed down. When he got home he told abbey everything that Shelly had told Noah.

I truly don't know what happened to Lice. I wonder what happens if Lice didn't didn't actually run off what happens if he just wentout and got taken. I think Lice disappearing has something to do with Dusty Muleman. Like maybe just maybe did Dusty or one ofhis workers could of have taken Lice because they didn't want to be caught in the act or they didn't want any body to give anybody clues about dust dumping illegally.

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