Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flush: Why, Why Are You Crying

Dear viewers,

This is how I think Noah mom feels right now.
I found out why Noah's mom was crying. She was crying because of Noah's dad. His mom had asked Noah's dad if he wanted to be bailed out, and he said no. And Noah's mom is mad and confused about why he didn't let her bail him out. she said that if he didn't want her that she was going to leave the house and bring Noah and Abbey with her when she goes.

Personally, I think that Noah's dad is in there for a reason. I don't thing that it is a good idea for her to leave Noah's dad. I think that soon Noah's dad is going to help the whole family live a better life. Like maybe getting Dusty Muleman in trouble or even getting him caught by the police department.

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