Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flush: A Great Plan

Dear People of the world,

Food coloring.
So Noah came up with this plan. Three words food coloring and toilet. Yes, it involves food coloring and the toilet, but how. It involves the food coloring going in to the toilet when it flushes and it all goes down to the holding tank. Which the color added to water becomes more color. And eventually everything in the holding tank will become dyed. Noah came up with it.

I think that this is a great idea but the question is how? If they are trying to get the color into the holding tank of the Coral Queen wouldn't they have to get on board the Coral Queen. And if they're thinking that they are going to get on board the Coral Queen then how? And what happens if they get caught? What would they do then?


Flush: The Truth

Dear world,

Like Noah thinking how he is going to tell Abbey about the video.
As we were talking yesterday Abbey had been "missing" the night before video taping the scam Dusty was trying to do. And her video was not a "Great" piece of evidence for them to show the coast guards or cops. And no one wanted to her because they didn't want to make her feel so bad about it. Then he just told her. She agreed with him, that she knew that it wasn't so great either.

I think that I wouldn't think that it was a great piece either even if I went out at midnight with the chance with being caught and even worst was happens if she didn't go the right way. Shes a brave seven year old. And she got lost and What would happen if she got a really bad injury and she had no where to go. Shes pretty smart for a seven year old, in second grade.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Flush: The Tape?

Dear visitors,
How the video looked.

Every one in the Underwood house has awoken. And Abby is showing them why she was  out at mid-night. For evidence of the Coral queen but all that could be seen was a blurry video of figures moving. This was because Abbey could not figure out how to zoom out on the video camera.

I think that Abbey was a very brave sister to be riding her bike at MIDNIGHT just to walk to the woods by the Coral Queen and
just take a video of what was
happening. I  think that even
Noah wouldn't have done that.
Because what happens if she
had got caught by Dusty what
would he do to her. And what
 would happen to Abbey and
her family. 

Flush: There your are!

Car driving down high way like Noah, Mom, and Dad.
Dear world,

As Noah, Mom, and Dad down the highway going home they noticed a figure of a person. As they passed by they yelled at Mom (the person driving the car) to stop. They figured it could have been Abbey. And it was her riding her bike heading home. They took her home and once they got there they all went to sleep then came the morning...

I think that they all got lucky by thinking that she might of been home.
And Abbey is also lucky. She got a
ride home when she was going to ride
 her bike home instead. I thought that
mom was going to have to call the
cops if Abbey wasn't home yet. Well,
 yeah she wouldn't have anything
 else to do instead of wait and hope
for Abbey to come back home all right.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Flush: We Have to Find Her!

Dear viewers,

Like the faces Noah, Mom, and Dad would have.
As you all know "Abbey is missing!" No one knows where she is yet but Noah thinks that he has an idea about where Abbey is. And Mom is really worried about her. So Mom, Dad, and Noah hopped into the car and drove to the first place they could think of... The Coral Queen to search for her. One they got to the Coral Queen they were thinking that Dusty must have taken her. So they went in the ticket both where Dusty was counting his money that he had got from the night. They got no bite of information there so they decided just to go back home.

How I imagine the ticket booth. 
I think that possibly Dusty was lying about not having Abbey. I also think that he has Lice but if he did have them both where would he put them? That is a question that I would really like to be answered. And why would he take a little kid? I think that he is rude, and cruel but just not that cruel. I think that someone needs to do something fast about the Sewage waste into the ocean. Like who would not believe Dad when he sunk a stinking boat just to prove a point about this case? Is no one paying attention to what is happening or what?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flush by Carl Hiaasen: Compare and Contrast Mom and Dad

Dear visitors,

I have been assigned to make a blog post about comparing/contrasting to characters in our independent reading books. I have choose the book "Flush" to do this on. And today I am going to be comparing two characters. Mom and Dad. I am going to compare Mom and Dad because they are "Well Know" characters in this story. When I was contrasting Mom with Dad I had noticed that she has many things that are different. Like that she is very polite I noticed that she was polite just because of the way that she had talked in the story with manners and
nicely. I think that she has a strong mind for the same reason as well. And I think that she is a careful listener because she always listens. I also think that she is protective because she was really worried when abbey went missing and she starter bawling her eyes out. Now lets talk about Dad. First of all I think that dad really dislikes Dusty, because first of all he sunk his boat! I also think that he is adventurous because he was walking just walking and apparently he came across a bunch of wrong things happening. And I also think that he is finally wants to fix all problems that he sees, because if he sees something wrong he just can't stand to see it wrong he just needs to fix it. Now lets talk about the comparisons between Mom and Dad.  They are both trustworthy because you can trust them with one of your secrets. They both also want the best for their kids like they are not mad but worried when one of them does something stupid.




Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flush: Wheres Abbey?

Dear people of the world,

This is probably like the window Abbey escaped  out of when she went missing.

I have read that Noah's Mom and went to check on abbey and she was missing! Mom was crying while she was starring like she was shocked into Abbeys room. When Noah took a look at the room of Abbey he had seen the window open and remembered that she wouldn't have set her window down laid slanted into the wall if she was taken. She must of sneaked out of her room.

I personally think that Abbey wasn't taken that she was just going to do something that she wanted to do. Maybe to help out Noah and her dad with the
 "Coral Queen Case." I hope that
if she was trying to help out  that
 she will not be caught and will
get some useful information. Hope
she has a incredible piece of

Flush: Home alone

Dear people,

Either the face of Shelly or Noah.
The next day Noah's mom so called friend had recorded a video of the interview that his dad was doing the night before. Noah mom watched the interview. Then Noah's mom went to the store with Abbey and Noah was the only one home. By him self Noah watched the interview that his dad had done the night before. Noah went out side, just to see Shelly there waiting for him. Shelly said to get in her jeep. As they drove off on to the highway Shelly had told Noah that she thinks that Lice didn't just leave her. That she thinks that someone took him instead.

I think that if they even touched Lice that Shelly would have knocked them out. But, I think that soon they will find Lice. Because from what I had read in the book he is a strong guy. And he fights to the end of things. No matter what happens.
 Like in this book I think that Noah and Shelly are
getting to know each other better. I think that soon
 they are going to know each so well. I also think
that soon instead of Lice helping him, that Shelly
 will help him to get them back! But, if Lice was
 there I swear that he would help them. But now
Noah's dad doesn't have to give him the boat.

Flush: Confrence for group

Dear viewers,

This is a cartoon of a conference.
We (my class) are having a conference about the book Flush. I was the only person in the group that wrote the letter to Noah instead of Carl Hiaasen. I admit I like the letter that I wrote but I think that everyone else in the group Charles, Bella, and Raven. Bella asked Carl Hiaasen these question:  Why does Jasper Jr. have to be so violent? I also wonder Why you put in a mystery person in chapter 13? When I first picked up the book and read why "Flush" as a title? Is it Jasper Jr. or Jasper? Raven asked these questions: How do you come up with the characters names, do you just come up with it or are they family members?