Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flush by Carl Hiaasen: Compare and Contrast Mom and Dad

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I have been assigned to make a blog post about comparing/contrasting to characters in our independent reading books. I have choose the book "Flush" to do this on. And today I am going to be comparing two characters. Mom and Dad. I am going to compare Mom and Dad because they are "Well Know" characters in this story. When I was contrasting Mom with Dad I had noticed that she has many things that are different. Like that she is very polite I noticed that she was polite just because of the way that she had talked in the story with manners and
nicely. I think that she has a strong mind for the same reason as well. And I think that she is a careful listener because she always listens. I also think that she is protective because she was really worried when abbey went missing and she starter bawling her eyes out. Now lets talk about Dad. First of all I think that dad really dislikes Dusty, because first of all he sunk his boat! I also think that he is adventurous because he was walking just walking and apparently he came across a bunch of wrong things happening. And I also think that he is finally wants to fix all problems that he sees, because if he sees something wrong he just can't stand to see it wrong he just needs to fix it. Now lets talk about the comparisons between Mom and Dad.  They are both trustworthy because you can trust them with one of your secrets. They both also want the best for their kids like they are not mad but worried when one of them does something stupid.




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