Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flush: A Great Plan

Dear People of the world,

Food coloring.
So Noah came up with this plan. Three words food coloring and toilet. Yes, it involves food coloring and the toilet, but how. It involves the food coloring going in to the toilet when it flushes and it all goes down to the holding tank. Which the color added to water becomes more color. And eventually everything in the holding tank will become dyed. Noah came up with it.

I think that this is a great idea but the question is how? If they are trying to get the color into the holding tank of the Coral Queen wouldn't they have to get on board the Coral Queen. And if they're thinking that they are going to get on board the Coral Queen then how? And what happens if they get caught? What would they do then?



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  2. I notice that the title of your post is "A Great Plan" but it sounds more like you are not so sure about this plan... You've got some solid questions about the plan.

    I'm wondering if they are thinking of the same type of food coloring you have the image of. I am not so sure that would dye anything permanently... What do you think?

    ~ Mr. Moore

    1. Mr. Moore,
      I know that they are going for the plan to dye the water for some time but not that long of a period. They want to solve this pollution problem not make it worst. But I don't think that they are planing to dye the water for ever. For just enough time so the coast guard can see it and follow where it was coming from.