Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flush: Home alone

Dear people,

Either the face of Shelly or Noah.
The next day Noah's mom so called friend had recorded a video of the interview that his dad was doing the night before. Noah mom watched the interview. Then Noah's mom went to the store with Abbey and Noah was the only one home. By him self Noah watched the interview that his dad had done the night before. Noah went out side, just to see Shelly there waiting for him. Shelly said to get in her jeep. As they drove off on to the highway Shelly had told Noah that she thinks that Lice didn't just leave her. That she thinks that someone took him instead.

I think that if they even touched Lice that Shelly would have knocked them out. But, I think that soon they will find Lice. Because from what I had read in the book he is a strong guy. And he fights to the end of things. No matter what happens.
 Like in this book I think that Noah and Shelly are
getting to know each other better. I think that soon
 they are going to know each so well. I also think
that soon instead of Lice helping him, that Shelly
 will help him to get them back! But, if Lice was
 there I swear that he would help them. But now
Noah's dad doesn't have to give him the boat.

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