Monday, February 25, 2013

Flush: The Tape?

Dear visitors,
How the video looked.

Every one in the Underwood house has awoken. And Abby is showing them why she was  out at mid-night. For evidence of the Coral queen but all that could be seen was a blurry video of figures moving. This was because Abbey could not figure out how to zoom out on the video camera.

I think that Abbey was a very brave sister to be riding her bike at MIDNIGHT just to walk to the woods by the Coral Queen and
just take a video of what was
happening. I  think that even
Noah wouldn't have done that.
Because what happens if she
had got caught by Dusty what
would he do to her. And what
 would happen to Abbey and
her family. 

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  1. Fire,
    Your post is great but the one thing is is that you said Carl Queen instead of Coral Queen. Also, you need to underline it. Other than that your post was great!