Monday, February 25, 2013

Flush: There your are!

Car driving down high way like Noah, Mom, and Dad.
Dear world,

As Noah, Mom, and Dad down the highway going home they noticed a figure of a person. As they passed by they yelled at Mom (the person driving the car) to stop. They figured it could have been Abbey. And it was her riding her bike heading home. They took her home and once they got there they all went to sleep then came the morning...

I think that they all got lucky by thinking that she might of been home.
And Abbey is also lucky. She got a
ride home when she was going to ride
 her bike home instead. I thought that
mom was going to have to call the
cops if Abbey wasn't home yet. Well,
 yeah she wouldn't have anything
 else to do instead of wait and hope
for Abbey to come back home all right.

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