Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flush: The Truth

Dear world,

Like Noah thinking how he is going to tell Abbey about the video.
As we were talking yesterday Abbey had been "missing" the night before video taping the scam Dusty was trying to do. And her video was not a "Great" piece of evidence for them to show the coast guards or cops. And no one wanted to her because they didn't want to make her feel so bad about it. Then he just told her. She agreed with him, that she knew that it wasn't so great either.

I think that I wouldn't think that it was a great piece either even if I went out at midnight with the chance with being caught and even worst was happens if she didn't go the right way. Shes a brave seven year old. And she got lost and What would happen if she got a really bad injury and she had no where to go. Shes pretty smart for a seven year old, in second grade.

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