Friday, February 22, 2013

Flush: We Have to Find Her!

Dear viewers,

Like the faces Noah, Mom, and Dad would have.
As you all know "Abbey is missing!" No one knows where she is yet but Noah thinks that he has an idea about where Abbey is. And Mom is really worried about her. So Mom, Dad, and Noah hopped into the car and drove to the first place they could think of... The Coral Queen to search for her. One they got to the Coral Queen they were thinking that Dusty must have taken her. So they went in the ticket both where Dusty was counting his money that he had got from the night. They got no bite of information there so they decided just to go back home.

How I imagine the ticket booth. 
I think that possibly Dusty was lying about not having Abbey. I also think that he has Lice but if he did have them both where would he put them? That is a question that I would really like to be answered. And why would he take a little kid? I think that he is rude, and cruel but just not that cruel. I think that someone needs to do something fast about the Sewage waste into the ocean. Like who would not believe Dad when he sunk a stinking boat just to prove a point about this case? Is no one paying attention to what is happening or what?

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