Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flush: Boat Discussion!

A dock at night.
Dear visitors,

In the last blog post Noah and Abbey got in to some problem and now they have the problem solved and they are headed towards the dock. When they got there they got a motor boat and rode off towards to the Coral Queen. When they headed off they discussed the plan. Noah said that when Abbey heard him say "Geronimo" to come towards his rescue

A motor boat.
I liked this part in this story I liked how the "Geronimo" sounds. I overall just like the word. I think that it is a pretty funny word. I think that this part was a strange part because of the key word. I looked up this word on and found out that this word means "A battle cry used by paratroopers especially during World War II, on jumping from a plane." I have read Bella's blog post and her blog post is very similar to my blog post because we both talk about the word "Geronimo" in our post. And because overall we have very, very similar posts.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flush: Problem Solved!

Dear visitors,

This is how I imagine the dog but with a mad face.
So the last blog post was about Noah and Abbey getting in to trouble. They had gotten really close to Noah's friend's dog. After the tried to hop the fence to see a dog that looked angry. Noah happened to have a apple in his pocket that he was planning to eat as a snack. Abbey thought that the dog wouldn't like the apple. Then Noah threw the snack to the dog and Abbey and Noah got away, while the dog ran off with his prize. They ran off to the dock.

This is a dog with an apple.
I though that this was a interesting part that Carl Hiaasen put in the story. Because you wouldn't expect this to happen in the story. And I thought that this was a funny part to because Abbey thought that the dog wouldn't want the apple but he apparently did. I could imagine the dog with a happy look on his face running to the other side of the yard. I think that this was part. Here is two post that were similar to each other. That I forgot to make a blog post for. Here is Bella's blog post and here is Nathalia's blog post. If you take time to read these you would see that they are very similar to each other.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Flush: One Problem!

 Dear world,

This is like Abbey and Noah sneaking out of the house.
In my last post Abbey and Noah had every think prepared and planed for their plan. And their mom and dad are coming back at mid-night. But one problem a dog! To be more exact his friends dog! His friend had went camping in Denver for the summer.

I think that this book is getting good at this part because of how Carl Hiaasen had made all of the text. He had made the text interesting. I think that Carl Hiaasen
must of really enjoyed writing
this part of the book... I mean it
is a really great book. With a good
Author.  Here is a link to Bella's blog
post where she talks about this
subject. And the other reason is
because this is overall a great post.

Flush: Preparing!

Dear world,

Like a map or route that they are going to use
but theirs is going to be in the ocean.
The last post was about Noah and Abbey getting the supplies to do the plan and now they have to go to where they are planing to put the plan to action. They have every thing figured out their mom and and are going for a movie and dinner and will be back about at 12 at night. And they have already told Shelly about this plan and they already know the route that they are going to use and what they are going to use to go on that route.

In the story these last chapters about Abbey and Noah trying to solve this problem about the pollution in the ocean. And I think that these kids are gotta be intelligent and trying to make a difference. But about their dad I think that he is just trying not to go back to jail again because of trying to solve this problem. I think that every one (especially Mom) will get nervous and mad if he he tries to do the crazy things that he does all the time.  A think that this book is the best book I have read so far. It is really a GREAT book and I wouldn't complain if I read another book from him.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flush: Lets Get It

Dear world,

These are food gel bottles.
Noah and Abbey had went to to store and bought some food gel. When they were checking out at the store the lady at the counter asked what they were going to use all that food gel for and they just remarked they were making a very, very big birthday cake.

I think that it was funny that they came up with "A Birthday." though of course they are not going to tell just a regular person about their plan. Like what happens if she tells someone. Ad soon enough the plan will get to Dusty and get out. And if that would have happened they would get in BIG, BIG trouble by Dusty. But I don't think that dad would care that much that they would do that. He was the one that started all of this. Because he was the only one in their town that realized that was happening.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Electricity & Magnets

Dear Viewers,

   In class we are learning about Electricity & Magnets. I really am interested in magnets I really want to learn more about both Electricity & Magnets. I have learn a lot of things already in class and I am learn more things every single day. (All light blue text can be found in vocabulary resource.)

   Electricity has a lot to do with this unit on Electricity & Magnets. I have learned that the way that you measure the amount of electricity a item has is measured in volts.    The electricity in a item is the amount of voltage it has. I you were to charge your phone or computer you would be using electric charge to charge it. In this website online that I found it tells the way you charge your electrical devices. Circuit run from electricity, and usually the power source is a battery.  When you flip the switch to a circuit you are running a current through the wire. There are three main parts in a circuit switch, battery, and light bulb. The switch for it is so the circuit can be complete, when the circuit is closed the flow of electricity goes all around the wire and this causes the light bulb to turn on. When the circuit is opened there is really not a flow of electricity, nothing happens. A series circuit can turn on a couple of light bulbs in a row.  A parallel circuit has wire in a parallel line on each side of the battery that flows to the battery. Brain Pop resources I used: Electricity  and Electric Circuits. 
A electric circuit.
A parallel circuit,  

 Magnets help us with our every day lives and are a huge part of this unit. I think that these are really fascinating to play around with. They are cool because they only attract with other magnets or pieces of steel, copper, bronze, or iron. They have more metals they attract too! The magnets have two sides, the North Pole and the South Pole. There are many items you can find in your home that magnets are attracted to. Magnets do two things repulsion and polarity.  Repulsion is what happens when two magnets don't go towards each other. When the same poles are facing towards each other they are repulsion and do not attract. Polarity is when the magnets are attracted to each other. This happens  when the opposite poles are facing each other. For Example is the North and North poles were facing each other it would be repulsion. And if the South and North poles were facing each other they are polarity. Outside you can find rocks that is magnetic, Magnetite is the rock that can be attracted to a magnet. In this article it tells about this rock and how people discovered magnetism. For this I used Brain Pop video: Magnetism
 An example of  the ways magnets attract. 
Magnet attracting or pulling together.


Two magnets repelling each other.
 Electromagnets are magnets charged with electricity. You can make a electromagnet by charging a magnet by using a circuit and a magnet. All you do is wrap a wire from a circuit around a magnet and let the current go around, and around, and around, and around until it goes all the way through the circuit and then this happens again and again until the magnet becomes an electromagnet. The magnets then produce a bunch of force way more force than a regular, plain magnet. When you make an electric magnet you don't exactly need a iron nail you can make a magnet by doing this. If you want to charge a magnet you use a magnet. This will enable you to charge an magnet. So all you need is a nail or a magnet, a battery or a power source, and a switch.
The elements of an electromagnet.
Another example of an electromagnet.