Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flush: Boat Discussion!

A dock at night.
Dear visitors,

In the last blog post Noah and Abbey got in to some problem and now they have the problem solved and they are headed towards the dock. When they got there they got a motor boat and rode off towards to the Coral Queen. When they headed off they discussed the plan. Noah said that when Abbey heard him say "Geronimo" to come towards his rescue

A motor boat.
I liked this part in this story I liked how the "Geronimo" sounds. I overall just like the word. I think that it is a pretty funny word. I think that this part was a strange part because of the key word. I looked up this word on and found out that this word means "A battle cry used by paratroopers especially during World War II, on jumping from a plane." I have read Bella's blog post and her blog post is very similar to my blog post because we both talk about the word "Geronimo" in our post. And because overall we have very, very similar posts.

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