Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flush: Lets Get It

Dear world,

These are food gel bottles.
Noah and Abbey had went to to store and bought some food gel. When they were checking out at the store the lady at the counter asked what they were going to use all that food gel for and they just remarked they were making a very, very big birthday cake.

I think that it was funny that they came up with "A Birthday." though of course they are not going to tell just a regular person about their plan. Like what happens if she tells someone. Ad soon enough the plan will get to Dusty and get out. And if that would have happened they would get in BIG, BIG trouble by Dusty. But I don't think that dad would care that much that they would do that. He was the one that started all of this. Because he was the only one in their town that realized that was happening.


  1. What exactly is food gel? I'd like to know more about it. Where do you get it, and why/how do people use it? Can you get an image of the actual food gel for us to see?

    I'm looking for a bit more writing from you. I know you've more great thinking to share. What exactly is the author doing well, or what could the author do better?

    ~ Mr. Moore

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    ~ Mr. Moore