Monday, March 11, 2013

Flush: Preparing!

Dear world,

Like a map or route that they are going to use
but theirs is going to be in the ocean.
The last post was about Noah and Abbey getting the supplies to do the plan and now they have to go to where they are planing to put the plan to action. They have every thing figured out their mom and and are going for a movie and dinner and will be back about at 12 at night. And they have already told Shelly about this plan and they already know the route that they are going to use and what they are going to use to go on that route.

In the story these last chapters about Abbey and Noah trying to solve this problem about the pollution in the ocean. And I think that these kids are gotta be intelligent and trying to make a difference. But about their dad I think that he is just trying not to go back to jail again because of trying to solve this problem. I think that every one (especially Mom) will get nervous and mad if he he tries to do the crazy things that he does all the time.  A think that this book is the best book I have read so far. It is really a GREAT book and I wouldn't complain if I read another book from him.

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