Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flush: Problem Solved!

Dear visitors,

This is how I imagine the dog but with a mad face.
So the last blog post was about Noah and Abbey getting in to trouble. They had gotten really close to Noah's friend's dog. After the tried to hop the fence to see a dog that looked angry. Noah happened to have a apple in his pocket that he was planning to eat as a snack. Abbey thought that the dog wouldn't like the apple. Then Noah threw the snack to the dog and Abbey and Noah got away, while the dog ran off with his prize. They ran off to the dock.

This is a dog with an apple.
I though that this was a interesting part that Carl Hiaasen put in the story. Because you wouldn't expect this to happen in the story. And I thought that this was a funny part to because Abbey thought that the dog wouldn't want the apple but he apparently did. I could imagine the dog with a happy look on his face running to the other side of the yard. I think that this was part. Here is two post that were similar to each other. That I forgot to make a blog post for. Here is Bella's blog post and here is Nathalia's blog post. If you take time to read these you would see that they are very similar to each other.

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